Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries

Ni-MH batteries with increased capacity and density from Panasonic Batteries

Image of Panasonic's Nickel Metal Hydride BatteriesPanasonic Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries were developed to meet the requirement for increasingly higher levels of energy demanded by today’s electronic products. Their Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries can offer up to three times the capacity of the same size standard Nickel Cadmium batteries. Due to their increased capacity and energy density features, users can expect a longer time between charges and longer running time.

All Panasonic Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are covered by the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation’s (RBRC) recycling program. 

  • High energy density
  • Rapid charge
  • Excellent cycle life
  • Excellent discharge characteristics
  • Two-way radios
  • Standby / back up
  • Test equipment
  • Power tools
  • R/C hobby
  • Digital cameras

Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionBattery ChemistryAvailable Quantity
HHR-70AAAE4 datasheet linkBATTERY NIMH AAA 1.2V 700MAHHHR-70AAAE4BATTERY NIMH AAA 1.2V 700MAHNickel Metal Hydride10761 - Immediate
HHR-70AAAE4 product page link
HHR-75AAA/B datasheet linkBATTERY NIMH AAA 700MAH W/BUTTONHHR-75AAA/BBATTERY NIMH AAA 700MAH W/BUTTONNickel Metal Hydride151963 - Immediate
HHR-75AAA/B product page link
HHR-210AAC4B datasheet linkBATTERY NIMH AA 2000MAH W/BUTTONHHR-210AAC4BBATTERY NIMH AA 2000MAH W/BUTTONNickel Metal Hydride35922 - Immediate
HHR-210AAC4B product page link
HHR-210AB18 datasheet linkBATTERY NIMH 1.2V 2100MAHHHR-210AB18BATTERY NIMH 1.2V 2100MAHNickel Metal Hydride1110 - Immediate
HHR-210AB18 product page link
HHR-380A datasheet linkBATTERY NIMH 1.2V 3.7AH L-AHHR-380ABATTERY NIMH 1.2V 3.7AH L-ANickel Metal Hydride5954 - Immediate
HHR-380A product page link
HHR-200AB20 datasheet linkBATTERY NIMH 1.2V 2000MAHHHR-200AB20BATTERY NIMH 1.2V 2000MAHNickel Metal Hydride893 - Immediate
HHR-200AB20 product page link
HHR-30SCPY20 datasheet linkBATTERY NIMH 1.2V 3000MAHHHR-30SCPY20BATTERY NIMH 1.2V 3000MAHNickel Metal Hydride2939 - Immediate
HHR-30SCPY20 product page link
HHR-300CHA03 datasheet linkBATT NIMH 1.2V 3100MAH H TYPEHHR-300CHA03BATT NIMH 1.2V 3100MAH H TYPENickel Metal Hydride385 - Immediate
HHR-300CHA03 product page link
HHR-120AAB23 datasheet linkBATTERY NIMH 1.2V 1150MAHHHR-120AAB23BATTERY NIMH 1.2V 1150MAHNickel Metal Hydride1206 - Immediate
HHR-120AAB23 product page link
HHR-450AB21 datasheet linkBATTERY NIMH LFAT-A 1.2V 4200MAHHHR-450AB21BATTERY NIMH LFAT-A 1.2V 4200MAHNickel Metal Hydride5260 - Immediate
HHR-450AB21 product page link
HHR-370AHA05 datasheet linkBATT NIMH 1.2V 3500MAH H TYPEHHR-370AHA05BATT NIMH 1.2V 3500MAH H TYPENickel Metal Hydride215 - Immediate
HHR-370AHA05 product page link
HHR-25SCHY03 datasheet linkBATT NIMH 1.2V 2500MAH H TYPEHHR-25SCHY03BATT NIMH 1.2V 2500MAH H TYPENickel Metal Hydride1333 - Immediate
HHR-25SCHY03 product page link
HHR-60AAAHB2 datasheet linkBATT NIMH 1.2V 500MAH H TYPEHHR-60AAAHB2BATT NIMH 1.2V 500MAH H TYPENickel Metal Hydride0HHR-60AAAHB2 product page link
HHR-210AHA01 datasheet linkBATT NIMH 1.2V 1900MAH H TYPEHHR-210AHA01BATT NIMH 1.2V 1900MAH H TYPENickel Metal Hydride0HHR-210AHA01 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29