EVQV5 and EVQV6 Encoders

EVQV5 and EVQV6 encoders offer flexibility for function integration

Image of Panasonic's EVQV5 and EVQV6 EncodersThe EVQV5 and EVQV6 series are two lines in Panasonic's center space encoder line up. In addition to the excellent rotation feel and high reliability, the center space allows the design engineer to place a component in the center, typically either a tactile switch or an LED. A tactile switch would allow the design engineer to add additional push functionality to the existing rotational function. By using an LED, there is clearer illumination of the knob placed over the encoder. The engineer can also freely choose their desired color LED. The center space brings value to the engineer by allowing flexibility and functionality in their design.

  • AV equipment
  • Measurement equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Automotive appliances
  • Home appliances

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EVQV5 and EVQV6 Encoders

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionEncoder TypeOutput TypePulses per RevolutionAvailable Quantity
EVQ-V6B00909B datasheet linkENCODER ROTARY 20/12MM 9PPREVQ-V6B00909BENCODER ROTARY 20/12MM 9PPRMechanicalQuadrature (Incremental)91834 - Immediate
EVQ-V6B00909B product page link
EVQ-V5D00309B datasheet linkENCODER ROTARY 27/18MM 9PPREVQ-V5D00309BENCODER ROTARY 27/18MM 9PPRMechanicalQuadrature (Incremental)9327 - Immediate
EVQ-V5D00309B product page link
EVQ-V5H00415B datasheet linkENCODER ROTARY 27/18MM 15PPREVQ-V5H00415BENCODER ROTARY 27/18MM 15PPRMechanicalQuadrature (Incremental)9295 - Immediate
EVQ-V5H00415B product page link
EVQ-V5B00215B datasheet linkENCODER ROTARY 27/18MM 15PPREVQ-V5B00215BENCODER ROTARY 27/18MM 15PPRMechanicalQuadrature (Incremental)15273 - Immediate
EVQ-V5B00215B product page link
EVQ-V6A00609B datasheet linkENCODER ROTARY 20/12MM 9PPREVQ-V6A00609BENCODER ROTARY 20/12MM 9PPRMechanicalQuadrature (Incremental)9991 - Immediate
EVQ-V6A00609B product page link
EVQ-V5C00315B datasheet linkENCODER ROTARY 27/18MM 15PPREVQ-V5C00315BENCODER ROTARY 27/18MM 15PPRMechanicalQuadrature (Incremental)90EVQ-V5C00315B product page link
Published: 2013-02-28