ETQ-P1W Metal Composite Power Choke Coils

Panasonic's ETQ-P1W is a low-profile power choke coils offering high current capacity and low loss

Image of Panasonic's ETQ-P1W Metal Composite Power Choke Coils The ETQ-P1W Series is suitable for high switching frequencies up to 1 MHz and features a metal composite construction. This results in a smaller size (5.4 x 5.15 mm) and a low profile (only 1.2 mm), while providing high current capability (2.2 to 5.5 A) and low loss (RDC 19.2 to 168.0 mOhm) in addition, a distributed gap structure yields little audible noise during usage.

Features and Benefits
  • Small size: 5.4 mm x 5.15 mm
  • Low profile: 1.2 mm
  • High current capability: 2.2 to 5.5 A
  • Low audible noise low DCR: 19.2 to 168 mΩ
  • RoHS compliant
  • Save PCB space
  • Usage in applications with low board clearance
  • Low loss
  • Usage in high current applications
  • DC/DC converters / power supplies
  • Laptop PC / tablet PC
  • Hard disk drives


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
ETQ-P1W2R2WFP datasheet linkFIXED IND 2.2UH 3.4A 77.3 MOHMETQ-P1W2R2WFPFIXED IND 2.2UH 3.4A 77.3 MOHM2242 - Immediate
ETQ-P1W2R2WFP product page link
ETQ-P1W3R3WFP datasheet linkFIXED IND 3.3UH 2.8A 103 MOHMETQ-P1W3R3WFPFIXED IND 3.3UH 2.8A 103 MOHM2977 - Immediate
ETQ-P1W3R3WFP product page link
ETQ-P1W4R7WFP datasheet linkFIXED IND 4.7UH 2.2A 168 MOHMETQ-P1W4R7WFPFIXED IND 4.7UH 2.2A 168 MOHM1919 - Immediate
ETQ-P1W4R7WFP product page link
ETQ-P1W1R0WFP datasheet linkFIXED IND 1UH 4.4A 46.5 MOHM SMDETQ-P1W1R0WFPFIXED IND 1UH 4.4A 46.5 MOHM SMD5257 - Immediate
ETQ-P1W1R0WFP product page link
ETQ-P1WR47WFP datasheet linkFIXED IND 470NH 5.5A 19.2 MOHMETQ-P1WR47WFPFIXED IND 470NH 5.5A 19.2 MOHM0ETQ-P1WR47WFP product page link
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Published: 2013-10-11