ELJ-QE Series Inductors

Panasonic introduces laser-cut chip inductors for use in high frequency applications

Image of Panasonic's ELJ-QE Series Inductors Panasonic's ELJ-QE Series laser-cut devices now bring an enhanced level of high frequency performance and high Self Resonant Frequency to circuits and multi GHz operation with values ranging from 2.2 to 56 nH.

Laser-cut chip inductors are non-polar, meaning ease of mounting in one of multiple orientations in the manufacturing environment.

Features Applications
  • Non-polar product
  • Laser-cut technology offers precision
  • Unique ceramic core
  • High Self Resonant Frequency (SRF)
  • High Q devices in 0603 case size
  • Capable of being re-flow or flow soldered
  • Cost effective over wire-wound
  • Ease of mounting
  • RoHS compliant
  • Communications
  • Instrumentation
  • Wireless communication equipment
  • RF circuitry
  • Radios
  • Transceivers
  • IR sensors

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ELJ-QE Series Inductors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeMaterial - CoreAvailable Quantity
ELJ-QE10NJFA datasheet linkFIXED IND 10NH 450MA 210 MOHMELJ-QE10NJFAFIXED IND 10NH 450MA 210 MOHMMultilayerCeramic2503 - Immediate
ELJ-QE10NJFA product page link
ELJ-QE2N2DFA datasheet linkFIXED IND 2.2NH 970MA 40 MOHMELJ-QE2N2DFAFIXED IND 2.2NH 970MA 40 MOHMMultilayerCeramic4856 - Immediate
ELJ-QE2N2DFA product page link
ELJ-QE2N7DFA datasheet linkFIXED IND 2.7NH 880MA 50 MOHMELJ-QE2N7DFAFIXED IND 2.7NH 880MA 50 MOHMMultilayerCeramic4716 - Immediate
ELJ-QE2N7DFA product page link
ELJ-QE3N3DFA datasheet linkFIXED IND 3.3NH 800MA 60 MOHMELJ-QE3N3DFAFIXED IND 3.3NH 800MA 60 MOHMMultilayerCeramic2381 - Immediate
ELJ-QE3N3DFA product page link
ELJ-QE6N8JFA datasheet linkFIXED IND 6.8NH 540MA 140 MOHMELJ-QE6N8JFAFIXED IND 6.8NH 540MA 140 MOHMMultilayerCeramic4082 - Immediate
ELJ-QE6N8JFA product page link
ELJ-QE8N2JFA datasheet linkFIXED IND 8.2NH 490MA 170 MOHMELJ-QE8N2JFAFIXED IND 8.2NH 490MA 170 MOHMMultilayerCeramic1416 - Immediate
ELJ-QE8N2JFA product page link
ELJ-QE3N9DFA datasheet linkFIXED IND 3.9NH 750MA 70 MOHMELJ-QE3N9DFAFIXED IND 3.9NH 750MA 70 MOHMMultilayerCeramic2461 - Immediate
ELJ-QE3N9DFA product page link
ELJ-QE5N6DFA datasheet linkFIXED IND 5.6NH 600MA 110 MOHMELJ-QE5N6DFAFIXED IND 5.6NH 600MA 110 MOHMMultilayerCeramic2425 - Immediate
ELJ-QE5N6DFA product page link
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Published: 2013-07-02