CR Series Primary Cylindrical Manganese Dioxide Lithium Batteries

Ideal for designs requiring batteries with retail availability to allow for convenient end user replacement from Panasonic

Image of Panasonic's CR Series Manganese Dioxide Lithium BatteriesDeveloped by Panasonic, packaged user replaceable lithium batteries offer high voltage and high energy density. Ideal for designs requiring batteries with retail availability to allow for convenient end user replacement.

Features Applications
  • High safety and reliability
  • High current pulse discharge capability
  • Rapid discharge for strobes is possible at 6 V
  • Superior shelf life/minimal self-discharge
  • Operating temperature (-40°C~70°C)
  • High energy density
  • Memory back-up over a wide range of applications
  • Other applications where ease of replacement is required

CR Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusBattery ChemistryBattery Cell SizeAvailable Quantity
CR-123A datasheet linkBATTERY LITHIUM 3V CR123ACR-123ABATTERY LITHIUM 3V CR123AActiveLithiumCR123A177092 - Immediate
CR-123A product page link
CR-2 datasheet linkBATTERY LITHIUM 3V CR2CR-2BATTERY LITHIUM 3V CR2ActiveLithiumCR216377 - Immediate
CR-2 product page link
2CR-5MPA/B datasheet linkBATTERY LITHIUM 6V 2CR52CR-5MPA/BBATTERY LITHIUM 6V 2CR5ActiveLithium2CR5283 - Immediate
2CR-5MPA/B product page link
CR-P2PA/B datasheet linkBATTERY LITHIUM 6V CR-P2CR-P2PA/BBATTERY LITHIUM 6V CR-P2ActiveLithiumCR-P2351 - Immediate
CR-P2PA/B product page link
CR-V3 datasheet linkBATTERY LITHIUM 3V CR-V3CR-V3BATTERY LITHIUM 3V CR-V3ActiveLithiumCR-V3411 - Immediate
CR-V3 product page link
2CR-5MPA/1B datasheet linkBATTERY LITHIUM 6V 2CR5 RETAIL2CR-5MPA/1BBATTERY LITHIUM 6V 2CR5 RETAILActiveLithium2CR5166 - Immediate
2CR-5MPA/1B product page link
CR-V3A/1B datasheet linkBATTERY LITHIUM 3V CR-V3 RETAILCR-V3A/1BBATTERY LITHIUM 3V CR-V3 RETAILActiveLithiumCR-V3258 - Immediate
CR-V3A/1B product page link
CR-P2PA/1B datasheet linkBATTERY LITHIUM 6V CR-P2 RETAILCR-P2PA/1BBATTERY LITHIUM 6V CR-P2 RETAILActiveLithiumCR-P20CR-P2PA/1B product page link
Published: 2012-07-09