Alkaline Batteries

Designed with a power reservoir enabling them to last longer from Panasonic

Image of Panasonic's Alkaline BatteriesPanasonic brand alkaline batteries are designed with a power reservoir that enables them to last longer. Standard features include high current and large capacity translating into higher performance and longer life.


  • Heavy current and continuous drain
  • Operates reliably in temperature range of -20°C to 54°C (-4°F to 130°F)
  • Individual date coded to guarantee freshness prior to use
  • EU-compliant dustbin symbol
  • Easier cross-referencing with IEC battery codes
  • Up to 7 year shelf life when stored at 25°C/77°F 80% capacity (except 9 V which have a 5 year shelf life)
  • Portable stereos
  • Radio-cassette recorders
  • Strobes
  • Cameras
  • Electronic calculators
  • Cameras
  • Electronic calculators
  • Transportation
  • Security
  • Electric shavers
  • High-powered flashlights
  • Electric door locks
  • Emergency lighting
  • Toys and other cordless products
  • Contractors and HVAC

Alkaline Batteries

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionBattery ChemistryBattery Cell SizeVoltage - RatedAvailable Quantity
LR6XWA/B datasheet linkBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V AALR6XWA/BBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V AAAlkalineAA1.5V913992 - Immediate
LR6XWA/B product page link
LR03XWA/B datasheet linkBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V AAALR03XWA/BBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V AAAAlkalineAAA1.5V161547 - Immediate
LR03XWA/B product page link
LR03XWA/2SB datasheet linkBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V AAA 2=2LR03XWA/2SBBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V AAA 2=2AlkalineAAA1.5V163898 - Immediate
LR03XWA/2SB product page link
LR6XWA/2SB datasheet linkBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V AALR6XWA/2SBBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V AAAlkalineAA1.5V120140 - Immediate
LR6XWA/2SB product page link
LR14XWA/BB datasheet linkBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V CLR14XWA/BBBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V CAlkalineC1.5V7929 - Immediate
LR14XWA/BB product page link
LR20XWA/BB datasheet linkBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V DLR20XWA/BBBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V DAlkalineD1.5V20565 - Immediate
LR20XWA/BB product page link
LR6XWA/B datasheet linkBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V AA W/TABLR6XWA/BBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V AA W/TABAlkalineAA1.5V0LR6XWA/B product page link
LR14XWA/BB datasheet linkBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V C W/TABLR14XWA/BBBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V C W/TABAlkalineC1.5V0LR14XWA/BB product page link
LR20XWA/B datasheet linkBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V D W/TABLR20XWA/BBATTERY ALKALINE 1.5V D W/TABAlkalineD1.5V0LR20XWA/B product page link
Published: 2012-08-07