OSLON Square®

OSRAM offers the OSLON Square®

Image of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' OSLON Square®The new generation of the well-established OSLON Square platform offers the same footprint and viewing angle, along with better performance and specs. For example, the key parameters are binned at high temperature, closer to the real application conditions. Luminaire manufacturers and other suppliers can benefit from very-stable light output at different temperatures, very-low thermal resistance, and improved lifetime in existing designs. Further important benefits are increased maximum junction temperature, forward current and de-rating limits.

Features and Benefits
  • Different luminous flux packages from one package family
  • High luminous efficacy at high currents
  • Corrosion robustness
  • Binned at 85°C
  • 135°C Tj max., 1.8 A If max.
  • Package: SMT ceramic package with silicone resin and silicone lens
  • Full CCT range available: 2400 K – 5000 K (warm and neutral white)
  • CRI: min. 80 (typ. 82) Viewing angle at 50% IV: 120°
  • Luminous flux: typ. 202 lm at 3000 K, 85°C
  • Luminous efficacy: typ. 100 lm/W at 3000 K, 85°C
  • Lumen maintenance: test results according to IESNA LM-80 available
  • Professional indoor and outdoor luminaires
  • Directional retrofit lamps and fixtures
  • Spotlights
  • Accent and effect lighting
  • Museum lighting
  • Shop lighting
  • Stage lighting

OSLON Square

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionColorCCT (K)Available Quantity
LED OSLON WARM WHITE 3000K 1212GW CSSRM1.EC-MPMR-5R8T-1LED OSLON WARM WHITE 3000K 1212White, Warm3000K410 - Immediate
GW CSSRM1.EC-MPMR-5R8T-1 product page link
LED OSLON WARM WHITE 2400K 1212GW CSSRM1.EC-LTMP-5YC8-1LED OSLON WARM WHITE 2400K 1212White, Warm2400K1190 - Immediate
GW CSSRM1.EC-LTMP-5YC8-1 product page link
LED OSLON NEU WHITE 4000K 1212GW CSSRM1.EC-MQMS-5L7N-1LED OSLON NEU WHITE 4000K 1212White, Neutral4000K515 - Immediate
GW CSSRM1.EC-MQMS-5L7N-1 product page link
LED OSLON WARM WHITE 2700K 1212GW CSSRM1.EC-MPMR-5U8X-1LED OSLON WARM WHITE 2700K 1212White, Warm2700K505 - Immediate
GW CSSRM1.EC-MPMR-5U8X-1 product page link
LED OSLON WARM WHITE 3500K 1212GW CSSRM1.EC-MPMR-5O8Q-1LED OSLON WARM WHITE 3500K 1212White, Warm3500K0GW CSSRM1.EC-MPMR-5O8Q-1 product page link
LED OSLON COOL WHITE 5000K 1212GW CSSRM1.EC-MQMS-5H7I-1LED OSLON COOL WHITE 5000K 1212White, Cool5000K0GW CSSRM1.EC-MQMS-5H7I-1 product page link
Published: 2014-03-27