SSOP relays from Omron are suited to a wide range of applications

G3VM MOSFET SSOP RelayThe G3VM relays from Omron are offered in the industry standard SSOP, which is one of the industry's smallest packages. Available in 1 and 2-Pole configurations in a 4-SSOP package for high density mounting requirements. Options include high dielectric voltage, normally open contact forms, high voltage and current load handling, and high-speed switching. Relays are perfectly suited for automated test equipment, medical equipment, instrumentation, security equipment, automated meter reading, automotive diagnostic equipment, and communications.


  • Load voltages: 20 V to 100 V (AC or DC)
  • Load currents: 80 mA to 900 mA (AC or DC)
  • Contact forms: 1 Form A
  • ON-Resistances (typ): 0.2 Ohms to 12 Ohms
  • OFF-State capacitances (typ): 0.45 pF to 20pF
  • Operating times (max): 0.2 ms to 1.0 ms
  • Leakage current (max): 200 pA to 1.0 pA


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
G3VM-41LR10-TR05 datasheet linkRELAY SSR SPST-NO 40V 4SSOP SMDG3VM-41LR10-TR05RELAY SSR SPST-NO 40V 4SSOP SMD2597 - Immediate
G3VM-41LR10-TR05 product page link
G3VM-21LR10(TR05) datasheet linkRELAY SSR SPST-NO 4-SSOP SMD 20VG3VM-21LR10(TR05)RELAY SSR SPST-NO 4-SSOP SMD 20V4582 - Immediate
32500 - Factory Stock
G3VM-21LR10(TR05) product page link
G3VM-61LR-TR05 datasheet linkRELAY SSR SPST 60V 4SSOP SMDG3VM-61LR-TR05RELAY SSR SPST 60V 4SSOP SMD6010 - Immediate
G3VM-61LR-TR05 product page link
G3VM-21LR11-TR05 datasheet linkRELAY SSR SPST-NO 0.9A 4SSOP 20VG3VM-21LR11-TR05RELAY SSR SPST-NO 0.9A 4SSOP 20V5822 - Immediate
G3VM-21LR11-TR05 product page link
G3VM-41HR datasheet linkRELAY SSR SPST 40V 2.5A 6SOPG3VM-41HRRELAY SSR SPST 40V 2.5A 6SOP566 - Immediate
G3VM-41HR product page link
G3VM-351E datasheet linkRELAY SSR SPST 350V 120MA 6SMTG3VM-351ERELAY SSR SPST 350V 120MA 6SMT2517 - Immediate
G3VM-351E product page link
G3VM-41LR11-TR05 datasheet linkRELAY SSR SPST-NO 40V 4SSOP SMDG3VM-41LR11-TR05RELAY SSR SPST-NO 40V 4SSOP SMD1274 - Immediate
500 - Factory Stock
G3VM-41LR11-TR05 product page link
G3VM-101HR datasheet linkRELAY SSR SPST 100V 1.4A 6SOPG3VM-101HRRELAY SSR SPST 100V 1.4A 6SOP631 - Immediate
G3VM-101HR product page link
G3VM-61HR1(TR05) datasheet linkRELAY MOSFET SPST 3.3A 60V 6-SOPG3VM-61HR1(TR05)RELAY MOSFET SPST 3.3A 60V 6-SOP475 - Immediate
G3VM-61HR1(TR05) product page link
G3VM-61HR datasheet linkRELAY SSR SPST 60V 2.3A 6SOPG3VM-61HRRELAY SSR SPST 60V 2.3A 6SOP1143 - Immediate
G3VM-61HR product page link
Published: 2012-06-29