D6T Thermal Sensor

High Sensitivity Enables Detection of Stationary Human Presence

Image of Omron's D6T Thermal SensorOmron's D6T thermal sensor is an extremely sensitive thermal sensor used to detect human presence or movement. The sensor is available with detection zones either 4 x 4 Detection Element wide for standard environment detection or 1 x 8 Detection Element for wide or tall angle detection. The built in circuitry eliminates or limits false triggering caused by outside influences and backgrounds. Because the D6T is tuned to recognize the heat signature of human wavelength, applications can include stationary or moving human presence detection, power conservation where devices power down when no human presence is detected, and security detection applications.


  • OMRON's unique MEMS and ASIC technologies achieve a high SNR
  • Superior noise immunity with a digital output
  • High-precision area temperature detection with low crosstalk field of view characteristics
  • Application notes are available
  • RoHS compliant

D6T Thermal Sensor

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSensor TypeSensing Temperature - LocalAvailable Quantity
D6T8L06 datasheet linkSENSOR TEMPERATURE I2C MODULED6T8L06SENSOR TEMPERATURE I2C MODULEDigital, Local0°C ~ 50°C448 - Immediate
D6T8L06 product page link
D6T44L06 datasheet linkSENSOR TEMPERATURE I2C MODULED6T44L06SENSOR TEMPERATURE I2C MODULEDigital, Local0°C ~ 50°C104 - Immediate
D6T44L06 product page link
Published: 2012-10-17