Battery Contacts XD2B

Omron high reliability battery contacts for charging circuits

Image of Omron's Battery Contacts XD2BDesigned for lithium-ion portable battery-charging connections, Omron's XD2B contacts are high reliability contacts for various recharge applications in portable devices. Using Omron's electroforming process, flexibility and contact force are increased over stamped contact designs. They are available in three, four, and five positions.

  • Handy terminals/PDAs (for business use)
  • Other POS terminals
  • Tablet PCs
  • Cellular phones
  • Smart-phones

XD2B Battery Contacts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
XD2B-0406-26A datasheet linkBATTERY CONNECTOR 4 PAD 26A 6PINXD2B-0406-26ABATTERY CONNECTOR 4 PAD 26A 6PIN0XD2B-0406-26A product page link
XD2B-0507-20A datasheet linkBATTERY CONNECTOR 5 PAD 20A 7PINXD2B-0507-20ABATTERY CONNECTOR 5 PAD 20A 7PIN0XD2B-0507-20A product page link
XD2B-0408-23A datasheet linkBATTERY CONNECTOR 4 PAD 23A 8PINXD2B-0408-23ABATTERY CONNECTOR 4 PAD 23A 8PIN0XD2B-0408-23A product page link
Published: 2014-04-10