Omron B3SL Middle Stroke Tactile Switch

Tactile switches with rubber plungers suitable for industrial devices and other applications

Omron B3SLB3SL series middle stroke tactile switches are capable of operating in a temperature range of -25°C to +90°C. Their sealed construction conforms to an IP64 (IEC 60529) rating, which provides high contact reliability in dusty environments.

The B3SL is a 6 mm x 6 mm middle stroke switch whose rubber plunger provides a crisp click feeling when actuated and is suitable for appliance, industrial devices, and automotive control panel applications. Their switch configuration is SPST-NO with a switching capacity of 1 to 50 mA at 5 to 12 VDC and a contact resistance of 100 mΩ maximum.

The B3SL will deliver an electrical life of 100,000 operations minimum with an operating force (OF) of 1.96 ±0.49 N (200 ±50 gf) and a release force (RF) of 0.35 N minimum (35 gf). The B3SL-1002P (flat plunger type) has a height of 3.4 mm with a pretravel (PT) of 0.3 ±0.2 mm while the B3SL-1022P (raised plunger type) has a height of 5.1 mm and a PT of 0.5 ±0.2 mm.


  • 90°C maximum operating temperature
  • Sealed construction conforming to IP64 (IEC 60529) provides high contact reliability in dusty environments
  • Crisp click feeling and middle stroke with rubber plunger
  • Two heights available: 3.4 mm and 5.1 mm

B3SL Series Middle Stroke Tactile Switch

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
B3SL-1002P datasheet linkSWITCH TACTILE SPST-NO 0.05A 12VB3SL-1002PSWITCH TACTILE SPST-NO 0.05A 12V12511 - Immediate
B3SL-1002P product page link
B3SL-1022P datasheet linkSWITCH TACTILE SPST-NO 0.05A 12VB3SL-1022PSWITCH TACTILE SPST-NO 0.05A 12V1661 - Immediate
B3SL-1022P product page link
Published: 2012-06-29