H3DK Series Timer Relays

H3DK series DIN 22.5 mm timers easily fit into panel designs

Image of Omron Automation and Safety's H3DK Series Timer RelaysOmron's H3DK DIN Rail timer relays are the latest timer relays for the automation and industrial markets, replacing the popular H3DE series. Features include a wide input voltage range, which will accept both AC and DC voltages, and easy-to-use finger safe terminals with both terminal covers and captive screws, conforming to the EN 50274 standard. Time and mode settings are changed via a screwdriver to ensure a level of anti-tampering once set. Slim 22.5 mm DIN mounting allows you to stack multiple timers on one DIN Rail in an industry standard thickness. Perfect for most residential, commercial, and cabinet timing applications.


  • A wide AC/DC power supply range (24 to 240 VAC/DC).
  • All sub-series include models with 12 VDC power supply.
  • Finger-safe terminal block and captive screws according to EN 50274.
  • UL and CSA certification, EN 61812-1 compliance, and CE and CCC markings.
  • EMC (EN 61812-1) compliance for application in heavy industrial, residential, commercial, or light industrial environments.

H3DK Series Timer Relays

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCircuitAvailable Quantity
H3DK-M2 AC/DC24-240 datasheet linkRELAY TIMER DPDT 5A 24-240VH3DK-M2 AC/DC24-240RELAY TIMER DPDT 5A 24-240VDPDT (2 Form C)7 - Immediate
341 - Factory Stock
H3DK-M2 AC/DC24-240 product page link
H3DK-S1 AC/DC24-240 datasheet linkRELAY TIMER SPDT 5A 24-240VH3DK-S1 AC/DC24-240RELAY TIMER SPDT 5A 24-240VSPDT (1 Form C)13 - Immediate
H3DK-S1 AC/DC24-240 product page link
H3DK-M1 AC/DC24-240 datasheet linkRELAY TIMER SPDT 5A 24-240VH3DK-M1 AC/DC24-240RELAY TIMER SPDT 5A 24-240VSPDT (1 Form C)2 - Immediate
259 - Factory Stock
H3DK-M1 AC/DC24-240 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29