TP810 High Energy Resistors

The TP810 provides impulse energy capability normally associated with wirewound or composition resistors

Image of Ohmite's TP810 High Energy ResistorsOhmite's TP Series high-energy resistors offer users the benefits of non-inductive performance and high power density. As an added feature, they provide the impulse energy capability normally associated with wirewound or composition resistors. Double-sided screen printing of pulse-tolerant, thick film ink, coupled with a sophisticated scan-cut laser trimming process, maximizes the energy withstanding capabilities of the TP Series. Occupying very little PCB real estate, the TP810 (10 watt) is the first of a platform of high-energy thick film resistors, which Ohmite will be introducing in the coming months, in radial leaded and SMD packaging. TP810 resistors are offered in 8 off-the-shelf resistance values ranging from 10 K - 1 M Ω at 5% tolerance.

TP810 Resistors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
TP810PW10R0JE datasheet linkRES 10 OHM 10W 5% RADIALTP810PW10R0JERES 10 OHM 10W 5% RADIAL132 - Immediate
TP810PW10R0JE product page link
TP810PW100RJE datasheet linkRES 100 OHM 10W 5% RADIALTP810PW100RJERES 100 OHM 10W 5% RADIAL133 - Immediate
TP810PW100RJE product page link
TP810PW50R0JE datasheet linkRES 50 OHM 10W 5% RADIALTP810PW50R0JERES 50 OHM 10W 5% RADIAL39 - Immediate
TP810PW50R0JE product page link
TP810PW470RJE datasheet linkRES 470 OHM 10W 5% RADIALTP810PW470RJERES 470 OHM 10W 5% RADIAL90 - Immediate
TP810PW470RJE product page link
TP810PW20R0JE datasheet linkRES 20 OHM 10W 5% RADIALTP810PW20R0JERES 20 OHM 10W 5% RADIAL76 - Immediate
TP810PW20R0JE product page link
TP810PW1K00JE datasheet linkRES 1K OHM 10W 5% RADIALTP810PW1K00JERES 1K OHM 10W 5% RADIAL65 - Immediate
TP810PW1K00JE product page link
TP810PW10K0JE datasheet linkRES 10K OHM 10W 5% RADIALTP810PW10K0JERES 10K OHM 10W 5% RADIAL24 - Immediate
TP810PW10K0JE product page link
TP810PW4K70JE datasheet linkRES 4.7K OHM 10W 5% RADIALTP810PW4K70JERES 4.7K OHM 10W 5% RADIAL0TP810PW4K70JE product page link
Published: 2013-06-14