Standard and Non-Inductive High-Voltage Maxi-Mox Resistors

Ohmite Maxi-Mox resistors are suitable for high-voltage switching, industrial control, and high-voltage current limiting

Image of Ohmite's Standard and Non-Inductive, High-Voltage Maxi-Mox ResistorsOhmite Manufacturing Company, a leading provider of resistors for high-current, high-voltage, and high-energy applications, announces the Standard and Non-Inductive Maxi-Mox Series of high-voltage axial-leaded resistors. Available in 5 sizes, with power ratings from 2 W to 12.5 W, the Maxi-Mox NI range offers voltage ratings from 10-50 KV. 30 standard part numbers will be available from Digi-Key, with resistance values up from 250 Ohms - 1 T Ohms. The Maxi-Mox series uses Ruthenium Thick Film ink and high-purity Alumina cores. The Non-Inductive versions employ a serpentine pattern, providing a low-profile, high-performance alternative to flat-radial, leaded, high-voltage, thick-film resistors.

Maxi-Mox Resistors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
MOX-1-121005FE datasheet linkRES 10M OHM 2.5W 1% AXIALMOX-1-121005FERES 10M OHM 2.5W 1% AXIAL4061 - Immediate
MOX-1-121005FE product page link
MOX-1N-131005FE datasheet linkRES 10M OHM 2W 1% AXIALMOX-1N-131005FERES 10M OHM 2W 1% AXIAL278 - Immediate
MOX-1N-131005FE product page link
MOX-1N-131004FE datasheet linkRES 1M OHM 2W 1% AXIALMOX-1N-131004FERES 1M OHM 2W 1% AXIAL169 - Immediate
MOX-1N-131004FE product page link
MOX-2-121006FE datasheet linkRES 100M OHM 5W 1% AXIALMOX-2-121006FERES 100M OHM 5W 1% AXIAL753 - Immediate
MOX-2-121006FE product page link
MOX-2-121005JE datasheet linkRES 10M OHM 5W 5% AXIALMOX-2-121005JERES 10M OHM 5W 5% AXIAL112 - Immediate
MOX-2-121005JE product page link
MOX-2N-131004FE datasheet linkRES 1M OHM 3W 1% AXIALMOX-2N-131004FERES 1M OHM 3W 1% AXIAL99 - Immediate
MOX-2N-131004FE product page link
MOX-4N-131004FE datasheet linkRES 1M OHM 5W 1% AXIALMOX-4N-131004FERES 1M OHM 5W 1% AXIAL23 - Immediate
MOX-4N-131004FE product page link
MOX-1-121006FE datasheet linkRES 100M OHM 2.5W 1% AXIALMOX-1-121006FERES 100M OHM 2.5W 1% AXIAL97 - Immediate
MOX-1-121006FE product page link
MOX-1N-135005FE datasheet linkRES 50M OHM 2W 1% AXIALMOX-1N-135005FERES 50M OHM 2W 1% AXIAL50 - Immediate
MOX-1N-135005FE product page link
MOX-1N-132505FE datasheet linkRES 25M OHM 2W 1% AXIALMOX-1N-132505FERES 25M OHM 2W 1% AXIAL46 - Immediate
MOX-1N-132505FE product page link
MOX-2-121006JE datasheet linkRES 100M OHM 5W 5% AXIALMOX-2-121006JERES 100M OHM 5W 5% AXIAL82 - Immediate
MOX-2-121006JE product page link
MOX-3N-131004FE datasheet linkRES 1M OHM 4W 1% AXIALMOX-3N-131004FERES 1M OHM 4W 1% AXIAL40 - Immediate
MOX-3N-131004FE product page link
MOX-2N-131007JE datasheet linkRES 1G OHM 3W 5% AXIALMOX-2N-131007JERES 1G OHM 3W 5% AXIAL27 - Immediate
MOX-2N-131007JE product page link
MOX-3N-132505FE datasheet linkRES 25M OHM 4W 1% AXIALMOX-3N-132505FERES 25M OHM 4W 1% AXIAL41 - Immediate
MOX-3N-132505FE product page link
MOX-3N-131006FE datasheet linkRES 100M OHM 4W 1% AXIALMOX-3N-131006FERES 100M OHM 4W 1% AXIAL37 - Immediate
MOX-3N-131006FE product page link
MOX-3N-135005FE datasheet linkRES 50M OHM 4W 1% AXIALMOX-3N-135005FERES 50M OHM 4W 1% AXIAL31 - Immediate
MOX-3N-135005FE product page link
MOX-4N-135004FE datasheet linkRES 5M OHM 5W 1% AXIALMOX-4N-135004FERES 5M OHM 5W 1% AXIAL48 - Immediate
MOX-4N-135004FE product page link
MOX-4N-131005FE datasheet linkRES 10M OHM 5W 1% AXIALMOX-4N-131005FERES 10M OHM 5W 1% AXIAL38 - Immediate
MOX-4N-131005FE product page link
MOX-4N-131007JE datasheet linkRES 1G OHM 5W 5% AXIALMOX-4N-131007JERES 1G OHM 5W 5% AXIAL27 - Immediate
MOX-4N-131007JE product page link
MOX-4N-131505FE datasheet linkRES 15M OHM 5W 1% AXIALMOX-4N-131505FERES 15M OHM 5W 1% AXIAL22 - Immediate
MOX-4N-131505FE product page link
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Published: 2013-08-20