M Series Heatsinks

Ohmite's multi-device heatsinks improve connection and reduces costs

Ohmite's M Series HeatsinksHeatsinks in Ohmite’s patented M series are capable of retaining up to four TO-247 or TO-264 resistors or semiconductors in a single heatsink. The M series is secured by circuit board mounting, and the devices are held in place by a clever ASTM A228 spring clip, making mounting holes and fasteners unnecessary.

Constant spring force locks the components into place and ensures maximum repeatability even after constant assembly and disassembly. This method allows for device replacement or design changes without having to re-work the board.

Providing superior thermal efficiencies while reducing component and assembly costs, heatsinks in the M series are supplied as standard parts, measuring 55 mm in length by 38.6 mm high. Heatsinks in this series are available with a degreased or black anodized finish.

Heat Sink
Aluminum alloy 6063-T5 or equivalent with either degreased or black anodized finish
Solder Foot
Cold-rolled steel, per ASTM A-366 with pure tin over copper strike
Spring Clip
Music wire, per ASTM A228 with bright nickel plating
Sil-Pad 900-S, K6 800-S and K10

M Series Heatsinks

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
MV-102-55E datasheet linkHEATSINK FOR TO-247 TO-264MV-102-55EHEATSINK FOR TO-247 TO-264190 - Immediate
MV-102-55E product page link
MA-102-55E datasheet linkHEATSINK FOR TO-247 TO-264 BLKMA-102-55EHEATSINK FOR TO-247 TO-264 BLK200 - Immediate
MA-102-55E product page link
Published: 2010-08-11