Wideband Silicon RF Transistors Starter Kit

RF Transistor Starter kit for NXP RF wideband transistors BFU6x0F and BFU7x0F

Image of NXP Semiconductor's Wideband Silicon RF Transistors Starter KitNXP Semiconductors' 6th and 7th Generation RF Transistor Starter kit gives engineers a head start on designs by providing the tools needed to design and prototype circuits before releasing their PCBs to fab. Starting with a comprehensive model library, engineers can design with the 6th and 7th Generation RF devices and quickly transition to prototype circuits with the included unpopulated PCBs. The starter kit includes unpopulated PCBs with flexible configuration options for feedback and emitter degeneration to accommodate a wide range of architectures. Also included are SMA connectors and loose devices. The only additional requirements to prototype a design are 0402 sized passives and a soldering iron.


  • Flexible PCB configurations allow options for feedback and emitter degeneration
  • Standard footprints for 0402 matching and bias components
  • Included EVBs, devices and connectors
  • Device models and PCB artwork available online for fast design
  • Enables fast circuit design and prototype


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable Quantity
OM7827 product page link

RF Transistors and Eval Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
BFU730F,115 datasheet linkTRANSISTOR NPN SOT343F-4BFU730F,115TRANSISTOR NPN SOT343F-431270 - Immediate
BFU730F,115 product page link
BFU690F,115 datasheet linkTRANSISTOR NPN SOT343F-4BFU690F,115TRANSISTOR NPN SOT343F-426677 - Immediate
BFU690F,115 product page link
BFU760F,115 datasheet linkTRANS RF NPN 2.8V 70MA SOT343FBFU760F,115TRANS RF NPN 2.8V 70MA SOT343F3563 - Immediate
BFU760F,115 product page link
BFU610F,115 datasheet linkTRANSISTOR NPN SOT343F-4BFU610F,115TRANSISTOR NPN SOT343F-44324 - Immediate
BFU610F,115 product page link
BFU725F/N1,115 datasheet linkTRANSISTOR NPN 40MA SOT343BFU725F/N1,115TRANSISTOR NPN 40MA SOT3432196 - Immediate
BFU725F/N1,115 product page link
BFU630F,115 datasheet linkTRANSISTOR NPN SOT343F-4BFU630F,115TRANSISTOR NPN SOT343F-42804 - Immediate
BFU630F,115 product page link
BFU790F,115 datasheet linkTRANSISTOR NPN SOT343F-4BFU790F,115TRANSISTOR NPN SOT343F-42544 - Immediate
BFU790F,115 product page link
BFU710F,115 datasheet linkTRANSISTOR NPN SOT343F-4BFU710F,115TRANSISTOR NPN SOT343F-42427 - Immediate
BFU710F,115 product page link
BFU660F,115 datasheet linkTRANSISTOR NPN SOT343F-4BFU660F,115TRANSISTOR NPN SOT343F-41984 - Immediate
BFU660F,115 product page link
OM7691/BFU730F,598 datasheet linkEVAL BOARD FOR BFU730FOM7691/BFU730F,598EVAL BOARD FOR BFU730F7 - Immediate
OM7691/BFU730F,598 product page link
OM7623/BFU725F/1500,598 datasheet linkEVAL BOARD FOR BFU725F 1.5GHZOM7623/BFU725F/1500,598EVAL BOARD FOR BFU725F 1.5GHZ4 - Immediate
OM7623/BFU725F/1500,598 product page link
OM7690/BFU730F,598 datasheet linkEVAL BOARD FOR BFU730FOM7690/BFU730F,598EVAL BOARD FOR BFU730F2 - Immediate
OM7690/BFU730F,598 product page link
OM7692/BFU690F,598 datasheet linkEVAL BOARD FOR BFU690FOM7692/BFU690F,598EVAL BOARD FOR BFU690F5 - Immediate
OM7692/BFU690F,598 product page link
OM7623/BFU725F/2400,598 datasheet linkEVAL BOARD FOR BFU725F 2.4GHZOM7623/BFU725F/2400,598EVAL BOARD FOR BFU725F 2.4GHZ0OM7623/BFU725F/2400,598 product page link
OM7693/BFU730F,598 datasheet linkEVAL BOARD FOR BFU730FOM7693/BFU730F,598EVAL BOARD FOR BFU730F1 - Immediate
OM7693/BFU730F,598 product page link
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Published: 2013-07-02