TL431 Shunt Regulators

NXP's TL431 are the product of choice for precision shunt regulators

Image of NXP Semiconductor's TL431 and TLVH431 Shunt RegulatorsAs part of NXP’s proven portfolio of precision shunt regulators, these adjustable voltage references are an ideal choice for power management and other applications. They use a reference voltage of 2.495 V, respectively 1.24 V, are housed in SOT23 and SOT753 packages, and are available in several versions, making it easy to find the right part for any design.

Designers can select from standard-grade devices with 2%, respectively 1.5% tolerance, as well as 1% A-Grade and 0.5% B-Grade, respectively 0.75% D-Grade (TLVH431) devices. The standard operating-temperature range is -40°C to 125°C. Other options include normal or mirrored pinning in the 3-pin SOT23 package option, and a choice of 0°C to 70°C, or -40°C to 85°C temperature ranges. In addition, for families active output circuitry provides a very sharp turn-on characteristic, allowing the devices to replace Zener diodes in applications such as on-board regulation, adjustable power supplies and switched-mode power supplies.

Features Applications
  • Simple solution to achieve a stabilized voltage
  • Vmax up to 36 V (TL431)
  • Available with voltage accuracy down to 0.5%
  • Full temperature range from -40°C to 125°C
  • High quality level according to AEC-Q100 (grade1)
  • Precision voltage reference
  • Shunt voltage regulators
  • Precision current limiters
  • Precision constant current sinks
  • Isolated feedback loop for Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionReference TypeOutput TypeAvailable Quantity
TL431AQDBZR,215 datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3TL431AQDBZR,215IC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3ShuntAdjustable89098 - Immediate
TL431AQDBZR,215 product page link
TL431IDBZR,215 datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3TL431IDBZR,215IC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3ShuntAdjustable10653 - Immediate
TL431IDBZR,215 product page link
TL431CDBZR,215 datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3TL431CDBZR,215IC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3ShuntAdjustable8147 - Immediate
TL431CDBZR,215 product page link
TL431AIDBZR,215 datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3TL431AIDBZR,215IC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3ShuntAdjustable14146 - Immediate
TL431AIDBZR,215 product page link
TL431BMFDT,215 datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3TL431BMFDT,215IC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3ShuntAdjustable8333 - Immediate
TL431BMFDT,215 product page link
TL431BIDBZR,215 datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3TL431BIDBZR,215IC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3ShuntAdjustable18826 - Immediate
TL431BIDBZR,215 product page link
TL431BQDBZR,215 datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3TL431BQDBZR,215IC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3ShuntAdjustable11061 - Immediate
TL431BQDBZR,215 product page link
TL431ACDBZR,215 datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3TL431ACDBZR,215IC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3ShuntAdjustable2514 - Immediate
TL431ACDBZR,215 product page link
TL431MFDT,215 datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3TL431MFDT,215IC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3ShuntAdjustable4948 - Immediate
TL431MFDT,215 product page link
TL431BCDBZR,215 datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3TL431BCDBZR,215IC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3ShuntAdjustable7029 - Immediate
TL431BCDBZR,215 product page link
TL431AMFDT,215 datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3TL431AMFDT,215IC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3ShuntAdjustable3425 - Immediate
TL431AMFDT,215 product page link
TL431AFDT,215 datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3TL431AFDT,215IC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3ShuntAdjustable1943 - Immediate
TL431AFDT,215 product page link
TL431BFDT,215 datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3TL431BFDT,215IC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3ShuntAdjustable18680 - Immediate
TL431BFDT,215 product page link
TL431FDT,215 datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3TL431FDT,215IC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3ShuntAdjustable2197 - Immediate
TL431FDT,215 product page link
TL431QDBZR,215 datasheet linkIC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3TL431QDBZR,215IC VREF SHUNT ADJ SOT23-3ShuntAdjustable2471 - Immediate
TL431QDBZR,215 product page link
Published: 2012-12-17