GreenChip™ Controller ICs

GreenChip™ controller ICs, SSL2129 and SSL4120, designed for LED lighting

Image of NXP Semiconductor's SSL2129A NXP Semiconductors' SSL2129A is a highly efficient GreenChip™ controller IC for compact, deep-dimmable LED retrofit lamps from 4 to 25W. The SSL2129A offers a best-in-class dimming performance measured in compatibility per watt, for a single-stage mainstream LED driver application. The SSL2129A is suitable for use in isolated and nonisolated compact LED driver topologies, delivering excellent efficiency at a reduced system cost.

Features Applications
  • Benchmark dimmer compatibility
  • Buck or flyback controller-only IC, (non)-isolated
  • Controller-only SSL2129A
  • High power factor >0.9
  • Dimmable retrofit LED lamps
  • Dimmable driver modules for LED lighting

Image of NXP Semiconductor's SSL4120TThe SSL4120T is a highly efficient LED power supply solution for designs ranging from 75 to 400 W. It integrates a power factor correction (PFC) controller and a controller for an LLC resonant half-bridge converter (HBC) for powers up to 400 W. The maximum PFC frequency of 380 kHz enables compliance with THD regulations.

Features Applications
  • Integrated PFC and HB controller
  • Universal mains operation: 90 V to 305 V
  • PFC in boundary mode operation with on-time control
  • High efficiency due to valley/zero voltage switching
  • HBC burst mode switching
  • Constant-current or constant-voltage configurations
  • Fully protected (OVP, SCP, OTP)
  • Dimmable
  • Indoor and outdoor high power LED applications
  • Office panel lighting
  • High-bay and low-bay lighting
  • Parking garage and area lighting
  • Street lighting

GreenChip Controller ICs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeTopologyAvailable Quantity
SSL2129AT/1J datasheet linkIC LED DRIVER OFFLINE DIM 8SOSSL2129AT/1JIC LED DRIVER OFFLINE DIM 8SOAC DC Offline SwitcherFlyback, Step-Down (Buck), Step-Up (Boost)1481 - Immediate
SSL2129AT/1J product page link
SSL4120T/1,518 datasheet linkIC LED DRIVER OFFL SWITCHER 24SOSSL4120T/1,518IC LED DRIVER OFFL SWITCHER 24SOAC DC Offline SwitcherStep-Up (Boost)0SSL4120T/1,518 product page link
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Published: 2013-07-02