Double Transistors in DFN2020-6 Packages

Space-saving devices for power management and load switches

Image of NXP Semiconductor's Double Transistors in DFN2020-6 PackagesNXP Semiconductors' double transistors feature low saturation voltage in a 2 mm x 2 mm, DFN (discrete flat no-leads) package. Fifteen new types are available in a leadless, low-profile DFN2020-6 (SOT1118) package, with collector voltages (VCEO) of 30, 60, and 120 V.

The ultra-low saturation voltage down to 60 mV enables high efficiency and longer battery life. Collector currents (IC) range up to 2 Amperes and the device can handle peak currents up to 3 Amperes. Only 0.6 mm high, the DFN package with excellent thermal power capability (Ptot = 1 W) can replace many larger transistor packages such as SO8 or SOT457. These are an optimal solution for space-constrained applications. The double transistors are automotive-qualified according to AEC-Q101. NXP’s low VCEsat transistor portfolio now includes 36 double transistors in leadless and standard SMD packages, as well as a range of more than 250 single types up to 500 V and up to 7 A.

Features Applications
  • Very low collector-emitter saturation voltage VCEsat
  • High collector current capability IC and ICM
  • High collector current gain hFE at high IC
  • Reduced Printed-Circuit Board (PCB) requirements
  • High efficiency due to less heat generation
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • Ultra-thin medium power package: 2 x 2 x 0.6 mm
  • Load switch
  • Battery-driven devices
  • Power management
  • Charging circuits
  • Power switches (e.g. motors, fans)

Double Transistors in DFN2020-6 Packages

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTransistor TypeAvailable Quantity
PBSS4130PANP,115 datasheet linkTRANS NPN/PNP 30V 1A 6HUSONPBSS4130PANP,115TRANS NPN/PNP 30V 1A 6HUSONNPN, PNP8230 - Immediate
PBSS4130PANP,115 product page link
PBSS4260PAN,115 datasheet linkTRANS 2NPN 60V 2A 6HUSONPBSS4260PAN,115TRANS 2NPN 60V 2A 6HUSON2 NPN (Dual)6064 - Immediate
PBSS4260PAN,115 product page link
PBSS4160PAN,115 datasheet linkTRANS 2NPN 60V 1A 6HUSONPBSS4160PAN,115TRANS 2NPN 60V 1A 6HUSON2 NPN (Dual)2953 - Immediate
PBSS4160PAN,115 product page link
PBSS4130PAN,115 datasheet linkTRANS 2NPN 30V 1A 6HUSONPBSS4130PAN,115TRANS 2NPN 30V 1A 6HUSON2 NPN (Dual)1550 - Immediate
PBSS4130PAN,115 product page link
PBSS5112PAP,115 datasheet linkTRANS 2PNP 120V 1A 6HUSONPBSS5112PAP,115TRANS 2PNP 120V 1A 6HUSON2 PNP (Dual)3180 - Immediate
PBSS5112PAP,115 product page link
PBSS5230PAP,115 datasheet linkTRANS 2PNP 30V 2A 6HUSONPBSS5230PAP,115TRANS 2PNP 30V 2A 6HUSON2 PNP (Dual)2965 - Immediate
PBSS5230PAP,115 product page link
PBSS4260PANP,115 datasheet linkTRANS NPN/PNP 60V 2A 6HUSONPBSS4260PANP,115TRANS NPN/PNP 60V 2A 6HUSONNPN, PNP2674 - Immediate
PBSS4260PANP,115 product page link
PBSS4112PAN,115 datasheet linkTRANS 2NPN 120V 1A 6HUSONPBSS4112PAN,115TRANS 2NPN 120V 1A 6HUSON2 NPN (Dual)2592 - Immediate
PBSS4112PAN,115 product page link
PBSS4230PANP,115 datasheet linkTRANS NPN/PNP 30V 2A 6HUSONPBSS4230PANP,115TRANS NPN/PNP 30V 2A 6HUSONNPN, PNP1989 - Immediate
PBSS4230PANP,115 product page link
PBSS5160PAP,115 datasheet linkTRANS 2PNP 60V 1A 6HUSONPBSS5160PAP,115TRANS 2PNP 60V 1A 6HUSON2 PNP (Dual)666 - Immediate
PBSS5160PAP,115 product page link
PBSS5130PAP,115 datasheet linkTRANS 2PNP 30V 1A 6HUSONPBSS5130PAP,115TRANS 2PNP 30V 1A 6HUSON2 PNP (Dual)171 - Immediate
PBSS5130PAP,115 product page link
PBSS4160PANP,115 datasheet linkTRANS NPN/PNP 60V 1A 6HUSONPBSS4160PANP,115TRANS NPN/PNP 60V 1A 6HUSONNPN, PNP140 - Immediate
PBSS4160PANP,115 product page link
PBSS4112PANP,115 datasheet linkTRANS NPN/PNP 120V 1A 6HUSONPBSS4112PANP,115TRANS NPN/PNP 120V 1A 6HUSONNPN, PNP526 - Immediate
PBSS4112PANP,115 product page link
PBSS5260PAP,115 datasheet linkTRANS 2PNP 60V 2A 6HUSONPBSS5260PAP,115TRANS 2PNP 60V 2A 6HUSON2 PNP (Dual)289 - Immediate
PBSS5260PAP,115 product page link
PBSS4230PAN,115 datasheet linkTRANS 30V 2A 6HUSONPBSS4230PAN,115TRANS 30V 2A 6HUSON-258 - Immediate
PBSS4230PAN,115 product page link
Published: 2013-06-28