SA and SB Series Axial Fans

NMB offers SA and SB series axial fans specifically designed for office equipment

SA and SB Series Axial FansNMB Technologies' SA and SB series DC axial fans are designed with a single phase motor technology to achieve a lower power consumption than current fans in the market today.

New innovative applications in the medical, office equipment, and LED lighting design market require cooling fans that offer low power consumption, high air flow, and longer life. NMB has added 3 new frame sizes to the SB fan series that will continue to keep this market cool.

NMB Technologies introduces three new sizes to the NMB DC Axial SB Cooling Fan Series. This popular fan series now covers the 60 mm X 20 mm requirement with the new 06020SA fan. It also includes the 08020SA (80 mm X 20 mm) and the larger 11925SA (119 mm X 25 mm) cooling fan. These three new cooling fans reflect NMB’s new part numbering system.

These new sizes are offered in both 12 and 24 volts, and range in CFM from 12.7 to 128.1 for the larger size.

The established SB Series currently offers a 2410SB (60 mm X 25 mm), a 3110SB (80 mm X 25 mm) and a 3610SB (92 mm X 25 mm). The new sizes compliment very well this series and offer added variety to the office equipment, medical equipment and LED lighting designer who requires a wide range of cooling fans for complete thermal control. Specifically designed for office equipment, copiers, printers and projection equipment, the SA and SB series of DC axial fans are available in 12 and 24 VDC, with options for tach and lock rotor sensors as well as PWM fan control. NMB ball bearings add to the longer life capability of this series.


  • Lower power consumption = green and cost efficient
  • Lower acoustics = quiet
  • Life: 100K hrs @ 25C = long life NMB ball bearings
  • Polarity Protection

SA and SB Series Axial Fans

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAir FlowAvailable Quantity
FAN AXIAL 80X25MM 12VDC WIRE3110SB-04W-B49-E00FAN AXIAL 80X25MM 12VDC WIRE36.0 CFM (1.02m³/min)479 - Immediate
3110SB-04W-B49-E00 product page link
FAN 24VDC 120X25MM LOCK ROTOR11925SA-24Q-AL-00FAN 24VDC 120X25MM LOCK ROTOR113.1 CFM (3.20m³/min)225 - Immediate
11925SA-24Q-AL-00 product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29