High Power Cooling Fans

NMB's R and F series cooling fans set benchmarks for airflow performance and efficiency

Image of NMB Technologies Corporation's High Power Cooling FansNMB's R and F series high power cooling fans remove the need to choose between high performance and increased efficiency to achieve better value and lower operating costs for your applications. These quality fans achieve benchmarks for airflow performance and are the most efficient fans in the market today.

Design highlights include a new high efficiency three-phase motor, NMB developed magnet materials, and a wide voltage range of 30 V to 72 V for the R and F series.

Features - All Applications
  • High efficiency
  • Superior aerodynamic performance
  • Control flexibility
  • PWM speed control
  • Dual NMB ball bearings
  • Reverse polarity protection

Features - R Series Only

  • Open or closed loop speed control
  • Direct thermistor control
  • Quick customization with simple code changes
  • Digital bi-directional control
  • Auto brake

  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Base stations
  • Storage systems
  • Server rack systems
  • CT scanners
  • MRI
  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound machines
  • Industrial power supplies
  • Automatic test systems

High Power Cooling Fans

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSize / DimensionAvailable Quantity
R172A0-051-D0790 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 172.7X50.8MM 48VDCR172A0-051-D0790FAN AXIAL 172.7X50.8MM 48VDCRound - 172.7mm Dia54 - Immediate
R172A0-051-D0790 product page link
F175A3-062-D0550 datasheet linkFAN IMP MTRZD 175X69.3MM 24VDCF175A3-062-D0550FAN IMP MTRZD 175X69.3MM 24VDCRound - 175mm Dia23 - Immediate
F175A3-062-D0550 product page link
R200A4-051-D0550 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 200X51MM 24VDCR200A4-051-D0550FAN AXIAL 200X51MM 24VDCRound - 208mm Dia11 - Immediate
R200A4-051-D0550 product page link
R200A0-051-D0760 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 200X51MM 48VDCR200A0-051-D0760FAN AXIAL 200X51MM 48VDCRound - 208mm Dia16 - Immediate
R200A0-051-D0760 product page link
F175H3-061-D0540 datasheet linkFAN IMPELLER 175X69MM 24VF175H3-061-D0540FAN IMPELLER 175X69MM 24VRound - 175mm Dia14 - Immediate
F175H3-061-D0540 product page link
F175A1-062-D0750 datasheet linkFAN IMP MTRZD 175X69.3MM 48VDCF175A1-062-D0750FAN IMP MTRZD 175X69.3MM 48VDCRound - 175mm Dia15 - Immediate
F175A1-062-D0750 product page link
F225A2-092-D0730 datasheet linkFAN IMP MTRZD 225X99MM 48VDCF225A2-092-D0730FAN IMP MTRZD 225X99MM 48VDCRound - 225mm Dia6 - Immediate
F225A2-092-D0730 product page link
F175H1-061-D0750 datasheet linkFAN IMPELLER 175X69MM 48VF175H1-061-D0750FAN IMPELLER 175X69MM 48VRound - 175mm Dia11 - Immediate
F175H1-061-D0750 product page link
F225A4-092-D0530 datasheet linkFAN IMP MTRZD 225X99MM 24VDCF225A4-092-D0530FAN IMP MTRZD 225X99MM 24VDCRound - 225mm Dia0F225A4-092-D0530 product page link
Published: 2012-07-10