YB2 Series Pushbutton Switches

Pushbutton switches featuring 1.8 mm above panel dimension and IP65 rating

YB2 Series Pushbutton SwitchesNKK's YB2 series pushbutton switches are available in both illuminated and non-illuminated models. These switches feature an 18 mm diameter square actuator and boast an extremely short above panel dimension of 1.8 mm for a splash proof device. The tamperproof design is complemented by dust tight and splash proof panel seal protection, providing a defense against low pressure jets of water from all directions. These devices meet IP65 of IEC60529 standards.

The illuminated pushbuttons feature bright or super bright LEDs. Super bright LED options include blue, green, and white. Bright LEDs are available in red, green, and amber, with matching color caps and built-in ballast resistors. Custom legends on the actuator are available from NKK upon request. Bezel options are silver or black. Cap color options for non-illuminated models include white, red, green, yellow, or metallic silver for an enhanced panel design.

Available in SPDT and DPDT momentary and maintained action, this series features crisp actuation provided by the snap-action contact mechanism. This ensures clear circuit status and is supplemented with a latch-down actuator for maintained models. The YB2 Series also has a distinctive long stroke and light actuation.

Design engineers can also choose either power rated or logic level options. Ratings are 3 A at 125 V AC, 3 A at 250 V AC, or 3 A at 30 VDC for power models, and 0.4 VA at 28 V AC/DC maximum for logic level versions. The YB2 series has a flammability rating of UL94V0. Mechanical life is 1,000,000 operations minimum for momentary circuits and 200,000 operations minimum for maintained circuits. Electrical life is 100,000 operations minimum. Terminals are a combination of solder lug and .110” quick connect. The epoxy seal locks out flux, dust, solvents and other contaminants, as well as securing the terminals for contact stability. CULus recognized when ordered with CUL marking on the switch.

YB2 Series Pushbutton Switches

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeAvailable Quantity
YB215CWCKW01-5C-CB datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VYB215CWCKW01-5C-CBSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VStandard, Illuminated165 - Immediate
173 - Factory Stock
YB215CWCKW01-5C-CB product page link
YB215CWCKW01-5D-EB datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VYB215CWCKW01-5D-EBSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VStandard, Illuminated6 - Immediate
1450 - Factory Stock
YB215CWCKW01-5D-EB product page link
YB215CWCKW01-6G-JS datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VYB215CWCKW01-6G-JSSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VStandard, Illuminated28 - Immediate
YB215CWCKW01-6G-JS product page link
YB215CWCKW01-6F-JS datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VYB215CWCKW01-6F-JSSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VStandard, Illuminated23 - Immediate
30 - Factory Stock
YB215CWCKW01-6F-JS product page link
YB216CWCKW01-5D-JS datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VYB216CWCKW01-5D-JSSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VStandard, Illuminated16 - Immediate
YB216CWCKW01-5D-JS product page link
YB226CWCKW01-5D-JS datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VYB226CWCKW01-5D-JSSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VStandard, Illuminated15 - Immediate
YB226CWCKW01-5D-JS product page link
YB216CWCKW01-5D-EB datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VYB216CWCKW01-5D-EBSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VStandard, Illuminated1 - Immediate
57 - Factory Stock
YB216CWCKW01-5D-EB product page link
YB216CWCKW01-5C-CB datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VYB216CWCKW01-5C-CBSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VStandard, Illuminated8 - Immediate
74 - Factory Stock
YB216CWCKW01-5C-CB product page link
YB225CWCKW01-5D-EB datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VYB225CWCKW01-5D-EBSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VStandard, Illuminated1 - Immediate
YB225CWCKW01-5D-EB product page link
YB225CWCKW01-5D-JS datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VYB225CWCKW01-5D-JSSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VStandard, Illuminated1 - Immediate
YB225CWCKW01-5D-JS product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29