LP01 Series Pushbutton Switches

NKK’s LP01 series pushbutton switches conserve behind-panel space

NKK Switches' LP01 Series Pushbutton SwitchesNKK Switches offers the LP01 series of short body, illuminated and non-illuminated, tamper-resistant pushbuttons. Minimal behind-panel depth makes these switches ideal for designs where space is at a premium. The RoHS compliant LP01 series features a short body behind panel depth of just 14.0 mm. In addition, the cap diameter is 13.6 mm, making the overall diameter, including the housing, just 20 mm.

LP01 series caps are smooth and slightly concave, designed to accommodate the fingertip comfortably. The unique design and construction also prevents cap removal, limiting the risk of tampering. The switches come fully assembled, and the illuminated versions feature the option of red, green, or amber LED illumination and a translucent white cap. The LED is an integral part of the switch design. The series features a crisp and clean indication of circuit status facilitated by the snap action contact mechanism. In addition, it is designed with an arc barrier between the movable contacts to protect against arc short-circuiting between circuits.

LP01 series switches are available in both single pole and double pole momentary versions. The unique arc barrier allows two different voltages to be used in the double-pole configuration. With mechanical lives of 500,000 operations minimum, these devices are ideal for applications where high usage is anticipated. Rated at 3 A at 125 VAC /250 VAC or 3 A at 30 VDC, these versatile pushbuttons also have UL94V-0 flammability ratings. The series meets UL and CSA standards as well. The LP01 is available in both snap-in mount and bushing mount versions. Terminals are combination solder lug and 0.110-inch quick connect. They are epoxy sealed to lock out flux, dust, solvents, and other contaminants.

LP01 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTypeAvailable Quantity
LP0115CCKW01A datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VLP0115CCKW01ASWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard830 - Immediate
1864 - Factory Stock
LP0115CCKW01A product page link
LP0115CMKW01C datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VLP0115CMKW01CSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard273 - Immediate
1461 - Factory Stock
LP0115CMKW01C product page link
LP0115CCKW01C datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VLP0115CCKW01CSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard268 - Immediate
1537 - Factory Stock
LP0115CCKW01C product page link
LP0115CCKW01F datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VLP0115CCKW01FSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard171 - Immediate
320 - Factory Stock
LP0115CCKW01F product page link
LP0125CCKW01A datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VLP0125CCKW01ASWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard191 - Immediate
304 - Factory Stock
LP0125CCKW01A product page link
LP0125CCKW01C datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VLP0125CCKW01CSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard101 - Immediate
LP0125CCKW01C product page link
LP0115CCKW015FB datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VLP0115CCKW015FBSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard, Illuminated291 - Immediate
26 - Factory Stock
LP0115CCKW015FB product page link
LP0115CCKW015CB datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VLP0115CCKW015CBSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard, Illuminated151 - Immediate
1311 - Factory Stock
LP0115CCKW015CB product page link
LP0115CMKW01A datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VLP0115CMKW01ASWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard79 - Immediate
72 - Factory Stock
LP0115CMKW01A product page link
LP0125CMKW01A datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VLP0125CMKW01ASWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard85 - Immediate
34 - Factory Stock
LP0125CMKW01A product page link
LP0125CCKW01F datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VLP0125CCKW01FSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard52 - Immediate
113 - Factory Stock
LP0125CCKW01F product page link
LP0115CCKW015DB datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VLP0115CCKW015DBSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard, Illuminated36 - Immediate
53 - Factory Stock
LP0115CCKW015DB product page link
LP0115CCKW01B datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VLP0115CCKW01BSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard18 - Immediate
2378 - Factory Stock
LP0115CCKW01B product page link
LP0115CMKW01F datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VLP0115CMKW01FSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard13 - Immediate
40 - Factory Stock
LP0115CMKW01F product page link
LP0115CMKW015FB datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VLP0115CMKW015FBSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard, Illuminated19 - Immediate
56 - Factory Stock
LP0115CMKW015FB product page link
LP0115CMKW015DB datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VLP0115CMKW015DBSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard, Illuminated3 - Immediate
58 - Factory Stock
LP0115CMKW015DB product page link
LP0115CMKW015CB datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VLP0115CMKW015CBSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard, Illuminated555 - Factory StockLP0115CMKW015CB product page link
LP0125CCKW015CB datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VLP0125CCKW015CBSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard, Illuminated21 - Immediate
LP0125CCKW015CB product page link
LP0125CCKW015FB datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VLP0125CCKW015FBSWITCH PUSHBUTTON DPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard, Illuminated18 - Factory StockLP0125CCKW015FB product page link
LP0115CCKW015CA datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VLP0115CCKW015CASWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPDT 3A 125VActiveStandard, Illuminated20 - Immediate
LP0115CCKW015CA product page link
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Published: 2010-12-01