LCD Serial Displays

Newhaven Display and Digi-Key introduce LCD serial displays

Newhaven Display International's LCD Serial DisplaysNewhaven Display has introduced a lineup of character LCD modules with integrated RS-232, I2C, and SPI serial interfaces with a broad range of industry standard sizes in 2 x 16, 2 x 20, and 4 x 20 modules. No bulky additional "daughter boards" results in better usability and cost. Software controlled contrast and backlight brightness simplifies development and maximizes application performance. Ideal for all display applications to save processor I/O pins. Quantity pricing and custom display solutions are also available.


  • I2C, SPI, and RS-232 serial interfaces
  • No extra boards or logic required standard LCD sizes
  • Save development time and I/O lines
  • Standard LCD commands and fonts
  • Simple hardware interfacing
  • Custom development available
  • Software controlled contrast and backlight brightness

LCD Serial Displays

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of CharactersDisplay FormatCharacter FormatAvailable Quantity
NHD-0216K3Z-NSW-BBW-V3 datasheet linkLCD MOD SERIAL 2X16 BLU TRANSMNHD-0216K3Z-NSW-BBW-V3LCD MOD SERIAL 2X16 BLU TRANSM3216 x 25 x 8 Dots626 - Immediate
NHD-0216K3Z-NSW-BBW-V3 product page link
NHD-0220D3Z-FL-GBW-V3 datasheet linkLCD MOD SER CHAR 2X20 Y/G TRANSFNHD-0220D3Z-FL-GBW-V3LCD MOD SER CHAR 2X20 Y/G TRANSF4020 x 25 x 8 Dots315 - Immediate
NHD-0220D3Z-FL-GBW-V3 product page link
NHD-0220D3Z-NSW-BBW-V3 datasheet linkLCD MOD SERIAL 2X20 BLU TRANSMNHD-0220D3Z-NSW-BBW-V3LCD MOD SERIAL 2X20 BLU TRANSM4020 x 25 x 8 Dots385 - Immediate
NHD-0220D3Z-NSW-BBW-V3 product page link
NHD-0420D3Z-FL-GBW-V3 datasheet linkLCD MOD CHAR 4X20 SERIAL TRANSFLNHD-0420D3Z-FL-GBW-V3LCD MOD CHAR 4X20 SERIAL TRANSFL8020 x 45 x 8 Dots837 - Immediate
NHD-0420D3Z-FL-GBW-V3 product page link
NHD-0216S3Z-FL-GBW-V3 datasheet linkLCD MOD SER CHAR 2X16 Y/G TRANSFNHD-0216S3Z-FL-GBW-V3LCD MOD SER CHAR 2X16 Y/G TRANSF3216 x 25 x 8 Dots279 - Immediate
NHD-0216S3Z-FL-GBW-V3 product page link
NHD-0420D3Z-NSW-BBW-V3 datasheet linkLCD SERIAL 4X20 SIDE WHT BKLTNHD-0420D3Z-NSW-BBW-V3LCD SERIAL 4X20 SIDE WHT BKLT8020 x 45 x 8 Dots841 - Immediate
NHD-0420D3Z-NSW-BBW-V3 product page link
Published: 2011-06-17