DMS-20PC Series 3½ LED Display Subminiature Digital Panel Voltmeters

Panel meters from Murata Power Solutions featuring low-cost, large, easy-to-read displays

Image of Murata Power Solutions' DMS-20PC Series 3½ LED Display, Low-Cost, Subminiature Digital Panel VoltmetersMurata Power Solutions' DMS-20PC series of 3½ digit digital display pane voltmeters combine precision A/D converters, highly stable voltage references, and large (0.37”/9.4 mm), easy-to-read LED displays in single packages that are only slightly larger than the displays themselves. Displays are available in red, orange, amber, yellow, green, and blue. These low-cost meters are self-contained and fully functional. Their moisture and vibration proof subminiature (1.38” x 0.88” x 0.48”) epoxy-encapsulated cases incorporate built-in filters and bezels and function sell in the harshest environments.

DMS-20PC-4/20 series loop-powered digital panel meters with large, easy-to-read, bright red LED displays are also available. All operating power is derived directly from the loop current itself with no external power supply required. Large (0.37"/9.4 mm) digits exhibit uniform intensity over the entire 4 to 20 mA operating range. Additionally, the total maximum loop voltage drop is only 5 V. Users no longer have to settle for difficult-to-read LCD displays in loop-powered applications.

Murata Power Solutions also offers the DMS-20PC-0/5 series. DATEL’s DMS-20PC-0/5 series is comprised of small, full-featured, 0 to 5 V input process control monitors. Their large (0.37"/9.4 mm), easy-to-read LED displays are available in a choice of four LED color/intensity options, including standard red, standard green, super-bright red, and low-power red. Two power input ranges are also available, the industry-standard +5 V as well as a wide-range 5 to 40 V version.

DMS-20PC Series Features
  • Low cost LED meters
  • Subminiature size: 1.38" x 0.88" x 0.48" (35 mm x 22 mm x 12 mm)
  • Large 0.37" (9.4 mm) LED display
  • Choice of six LED colors
  • High-intensity or low-power (7 mA) red LEDs optional
  • Epoxy-encapsulated, 12-pin DIP package with built-in color filter and bezel
  • Four differential input voltage ranges
  • Factory calibrated, ±1 count accuracy
  • Single 5 V power supply
  • User-selectable decimal point placement
  • Display enable function for power-down mode
  • Display test and hold (optional) functions
  • 0°C to 60°C temperature range
  • Lead free and RoHS compliant

DMS-20PC Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeMeasuring RangeDisplay TypeAvailable Quantity
DMS-20PC-2-RS-C datasheet linkVOLTMETER 20VDC LED PANEL MOUNTDMS-20PC-2-RS-CVOLTMETER 20VDC LED PANEL MOUNTVoltage (Voltmeter)±20VDCLED - Red Characters510 - Immediate
DMS-20PC-2-RS-C product page link
DMS-20PC-1-RS-C datasheet linkVOLTMETER 2VDC LED PANEL MOUNTDMS-20PC-1-RS-CVOLTMETER 2VDC LED PANEL MOUNTVoltage (Voltmeter)±2VDCLED - Red Characters143 - Immediate
DMS-20PC-1-RS-C product page link
DMS-20PC-3-RL-C datasheet linkVOLTMETER 200VDC LED PANEL MOUNTDMS-20PC-3-RL-CVOLTMETER 200VDC LED PANEL MOUNTVoltage (Voltmeter)±200VDCLED - Red Characters264 - Immediate
DMS-20PC-3-RL-C product page link
DMS-20PC-2-BS-C datasheet linkVOLTMETER 20VDC LED PANEL MOUNTDMS-20PC-2-BS-CVOLTMETER 20VDC LED PANEL MOUNTVoltage (Voltmeter)±20VDCLED - Blue Characters124 - Immediate
DMS-20PC-2-BS-C product page link
DMS-20PC-2-BL-C datasheet linkVOLTMETER 20VDC LED PANEL MOUNTDMS-20PC-2-BL-CVOLTMETER 20VDC LED PANEL MOUNTVoltage (Voltmeter)±20VDCLED - Blue Characters234 - Immediate
DMS-20PC-2-BL-C product page link
DMS-20PC-2-GS-C datasheet linkVOLTMETER 20VDC LED PANEL MOUNTDMS-20PC-2-GS-CVOLTMETER 20VDC LED PANEL MOUNTVoltage (Voltmeter)±20VDCLED - Green Characters353 - Immediate
DMS-20PC-2-GS-C product page link
DMS-20PC-1-BL-C datasheet linkVOLTMETER 2VDC LED PANEL MOUNTDMS-20PC-1-BL-CVOLTMETER 2VDC LED PANEL MOUNTVoltage (Voltmeter)±2VDCLED - Blue Characters122 - Immediate
DMS-20PC-1-BL-C product page link
DMS-20PC-3-PGL-C datasheet linkVOLTMETER 200VDC LED PANEL MOUNTDMS-20PC-3-PGL-CVOLTMETER 200VDC LED PANEL MOUNTVoltage (Voltmeter)±200VDCLED - Green Characters112 - Immediate
DMS-20PC-3-PGL-C product page link
DMS-20PC-2-RL-C datasheet linkVOLTMETER 20VDC LED PANEL MOUNTDMS-20PC-2-RL-CVOLTMETER 20VDC LED PANEL MOUNTVoltage (Voltmeter)±20VDCLED - Red Characters53 - Immediate
DMS-20PC-2-RL-C product page link
DMS-20PC-0-RL-C datasheet linkVOLTMETER 200MVDC LED PANEL MTDMS-20PC-0-RL-CVOLTMETER 200MVDC LED PANEL MTVoltage (Voltmeter)±200mVDCLED - Red Characters43 - Immediate
DMS-20PC-0-RL-C product page link
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Published: 2011-12-08