DMS 20PC Series and DMS 20RM Series Digital Panel Voltmeters

Murata Power Solutions features their low-power blue and green LED display digital voltmeters and true-rms AC voltmeters

MurataPS_Digital Panel Voltmeters and AmmetersOverview - Digital Panel Meters

For more than 35 years, the DATEL offering of digital panel meters has been recognized as the industry’s most versatile and affordable. In addition to offering a broad range of off-the-shelf products, Murata Power Solutions can provide application specific solutions for customers latest designs. The offering consists of:

General Purpose Voltmeters

DATEL voltmeters are a good solution for applications requiring a precise digital readout of AC or DC voltages.

  • Typical mounting options include 12-pin DIPs and traditional bezel/case assemblies which simplify panel mounting
  • AC-input options include average or rms-responding inputs
  • Self-powered, 2-wire models contain only two connections since they are powered directly from the signal they are measuring, making them ideal for new installations or as modern replacements for analog panel meters
  • Digital options include 3½ or 4½ digit, LED or LCD displays which can be operated from AC (85-264V) or DC (+5V to +40V) power sources
  • For harsh environments, users can choose from several bezel options that feature rubber gaskets and secure threaded metal fasteners

DMS-20PC Series- Low-Power Blue and Green LED Display Digital Voltmeters

DMS-20PC Series, 3½ Digit, LED Display, Digital Panel Voltmeters combine a precision A/D converter, a factory-trimmed, highly stable, voltage reference, and a large (0.37"/9.4mm), easy-to-read LED display in a single package that is only slightly larger than the display itself. These low-cost meters are fully self-contained and fully functional. Their subminiature (1.38" x 0.88" x 0.48"), silicone-encapsulated cases incorporate built-in color filters and bezels; are moisture and vibration proof; and function well in the harshest environments.

Low-power green and blue LEDs have long been on customers' "want" lists. Advances in LED technology now allow for blue and green low-power modules.

DMS-20RM Series- True-rms AC Voltmeters with Isolated Inputs

Average-responding AC voltmeters produce accurate readings only when measuring ideal sine-wave voltages. When average-responding voltmeters measure distorted or irregularly shaped voltages, reading errors can easily exceed 20% of their full scale input. Until now, all of our AC voltmeters were 2-wire, average-responding types. In addition to not being able to accurately display complex AC signals, by design 2-wire meters cannot measure signals down to zero volts since these meters also draw all of their operating power directly from the signal being measured (i.e., they’re “self-powered”). DMS-20RM Series AC voltmeters overcome the limitations of other meters because they feature both true rms-responding inputs and an independent power supply, all in a compact unit that is size compatible with our popular true-rms AC ammeters.

DMS 20PC Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
DMS-20PC-2-RS-C product page link
DMS-20PC-1-RS-C product page link
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DMS 20RM Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
DMS-20RM-2-AC1-R-C datasheet linkVOLTMETER 0-199.9VAC LED PNL MTDMS-20RM-2-AC1-R-CVOLTMETER 0-199.9VAC LED PNL MT84 - Immediate
DMS-20RM-2-AC1-R-C product page link
DMS-20RM-3-AC1-R-C datasheet linkVOLTMETER 0-300VAC LED PANEL MTDMS-20RM-3-AC1-R-CVOLTMETER 0-300VAC LED PANEL MT38 - Immediate
DMS-20RM-3-AC1-R-C product page link
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Published: 2009-04-30