CME and CMR Series DC/DC Converters

Murata Power Solutions offers lower power, lower cost, 0.75 W CME and CMR series for sub 1 W applications

Image of Murata Power Solutions' CME and CMR Series DC/DC ConvertersThe CME and CMR series from Murata Power Solutions are a cost-effective 0.75 W DC/DC converter series in industry-standard packages with industry-standard pinout. Popular input and output voltages are available as a lower power alternative to a 1 W DC/DC converter. The galvanic isolation allows the device to be configured to provide an isolated negative rail in systems where only positive rails exist. The wide temperature range guarantees startup from –40°C and full 0.75 W output at 85°C.

The CME series is offered with both SIP and DIP package options with available input voltages of 3.3 V and 5 V with output voltages of 3.3 V, 5 V and 12 V.

The CMR series is available with single and dual outputs with isolation options of 1 kVDC or 3 kVDC, from input voltages of 5 V, 12 V or 24 V in a SIP7 package.

CME Series Features CMR Series Features
  • Single isolated output
  • 1 kVDC or 3 kVDC options
  • Wide temperature performance at full 1 W load, -40°C to 85°C
  • Industry-standard pinouts
  • 3.3 V and 5 V inputs
  • 3.3 V, 5 V and 12 V outputs
  • Pin compatible with LME, MEE1, MEE3, NKE, NME, and NML series
  • Single or dual isolated outputs
  • 1 kVDC or 3 kVDC options
  • Wide temperature performance at full 1 W load, -40°C to 85°C
  • Industry-standard pinouts
  • 5 V, 12 V and 24 V inputs
  • 5 V, 12 V and 15 V outputs
  • Pin compatible with NMR, MER1, MMV, MEV1, NMK, MEV3, and NMV series


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
CME0303S3C datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 3.3V 0.75WCME0303S3CDC/DC CONVERTER 3.3V 0.75W24 - Immediate
CME0303S3C product page link
CME0512S3C datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 0.75WCME0512S3CDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 0.75W3756 - Immediate
CME0512S3C product page link
CME0305S3C datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 0.75WCME0305S3CDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 0.75W161 - Immediate
CME0305S3C product page link
CME0505S3C datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 0.75WCME0505S3CDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 0.75W133 - Immediate
CME0505S3C product page link
CME0505SC datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 0.75WCME0505SCDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 0.75W614 - Immediate
CME0505SC product page link
CME0505DC datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 0.75WCME0505DCDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 0.75W180 - Immediate
CME0505DC product page link
CME0512SC datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 0.75WCME0512SCDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 0.75W23 - Immediate
CME0512SC product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
CMR118C datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 0.75WCMR118CDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 0.75W151 - Immediate
CMR118C product page link
CMR0512S3C datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER +/-12V 0.75WCMR0512S3CDC/DC CONVERTER +/-12V 0.75W401 - Immediate
CMR0512S3C product page link
CMR0505SA3C datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 0.75WCMR0505SA3CDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 0.75W108 - Immediate
CMR0505SA3C product page link
CMR0515S3C datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER +/-15V 0.75WCMR0515S3CDC/DC CONVERTER +/-15V 0.75W56 - Immediate
CMR0515S3C product page link
CMR100C datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 0.75WCMR100CDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 0.75W69 - Immediate
CMR100C product page link
CMR1215S3C datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER +/-15V 0.75WCMR1215S3CDC/DC CONVERTER +/-15V 0.75W30 - Immediate
CMR1215S3C product page link
Published: 2014-04-10