Pico-Lock™ Connector System

The Pico-Lock 1.50 mm pitch wire-to-board system

Image of Molex's Pico-Lock™ Connector SystemThe Pico-Lock system offers an ideal combination of low-profile, high-current capacity, and durable locks for any application requiring space savings and secure mating retention. It is able to meet these requirements by offering a 1.50 mm pitch that can accommodate 3.0 A, and a unique, side positive-lock design to achieve the ultra-low profile. The system also offers other robust features such as friction locks for additional mating assurance and visual mating confirmation, and a wide solder tab that wraps up into the header and around the housing for additional PCB retention and mechanical system assurance. A small, thin system like this might normally be difficult for operators to mate. A guide rib on the housing addresses this concern by providing polarization along with mating guidance. The system is available in 6-10 circuit sizes and RoHS and low-halogen compliant material. Contacts are gold-plated for durability and reliable electrical performance.

Features and Benefits
  • Ultra-low-profile mate height (2.00 mm)
  • Side positive lock
  • Up to 3.0 A current rating
  • Wide robust-fitting nails (solder tabs)
  • Polarization/mating guide
  • Top friction locks
  • Space savings
  • Secure mating retention and additional space savings
  • High signal-line current capability
  • Secure PCB retention and additional mechanical stability prevents mismating while guiding the housing into the header
  • Additional mating retention and visual mating assurance
  • Automotive - infotainment systems
  • Commercial vehicle - infotainment
  • Consumer - gaming equipment, LCD TV, LED TVs, notebook PC, security systems, security and alarms, smart meters and tablet PCs
  • Data/communications - desktop and notebook computers
  • Smart phones and mobile devices - tablet PCs
  • Solid state lighting - LED lighting
  • Telecommunications - wireless LAN (WLAN)

Pico-Lock 504050

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionContact TypeConnector TypeAvailable Quantity
CONN WIRE TO BOARD RA 4POS5040500491CONN WIRE TO BOARD RA 4POSBlade PinHeader, Shrouded5066 - Immediate
5040500491 product page link
CONN WIRE TO BOARD RA 6POS5040500691CONN WIRE TO BOARD RA 6POSBlade PinHeader, Shrouded10442 - Immediate
5040500691 product page link
CONN WIRE TO BOARD RA 10POS5040501091CONN WIRE TO BOARD RA 10POSBlade PinHeader, Shrouded2677 - Immediate
5040501091 product page link
CONN WIRE TO BOARD RA 7POS5040500791CONN WIRE TO BOARD RA 7POSBlade PinHeader, Shrouded1012 - Immediate
5040500791 product page link
15 WB HEADER ASS'Y EMBTP PKG 8P504050089115 WB HEADER ASS'Y EMBTP PKG 8PTabHeader, Shrouded05040500891 product page link
15 WB HEADER ASS'Y EMBTP PKG 12P504050129115 WB HEADER ASS'Y EMBTP PKG 12PBlade PinHeader, Shrouded05040501291 product page link

Pico-Lock 504051

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeContact TypeAvailable Quantity
CONN HOUSING 10POS LK5040511001CONN HOUSING 10POS LKReceptacleFemale Blade Socket39474 - Immediate
5040511001 product page link
CONN HOUSING 4POS LK5040510401CONN HOUSING 4POS LKReceptacleFemale Blade Socket46470 - Immediate
5040510401 product page link
CONN HOUSING 6POS LK5040510601CONN HOUSING 6POS LKReceptacleFemale Blade Socket22265 - Immediate
5040510601 product page link
CONN HOUSING 7POS LK5040510701CONN HOUSING 7POS LKReceptacleFemale Blade Socket1032 - Immediate
5040510701 product page link
15 WB REC HOUSING 8P504051080115 WB REC HOUSING 8PReceptacleFemale Blade Socket05040510801 product page link
15 WB REC HOUSING 12P504051120115 WB REC HOUSING 12PReceptacleFemale Blade Socket05040511201 product page link

Pico-Lock 504052

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPin or SocketAvailable Quantity
CONN TERM FEMALE 24-28AWG5040520098CONN TERM FEMALE 24-28AWGFemale Blade Sockets166591 - Immediate
5040520098 product page link
15 WB REC TERMINAL AWG3032504052029815 WB REC TERMINAL AWG3032Socket05040520298 product page link
Published: 2013-10-09