Molex MX150™ Twist-Lock Connectors

Molex offers twist-lock, dual-row sealed, bulkhead connectors

Image of Molex's MX150™ Twist-Lock ConnectorsMolex's MX150 Twist-Lock Sealed Bulkhead Connectors simplify connector assembly by eliminating the need for additional fasteners. These connectors employ ring-seal technology to meet industry-standard sealing requirements.

Features Applications
  • Twist-lock latching design with audible, tactile and visual feedback
  • Integral ring seal
  • Outside-in mounting design with a 42.00 mm pass-through hole
  • High-temperature thermoplastic housing
  • Sealing geometry
  • Terminal Positioning Assurance (TPA)
  • Terminal Positioning Assurance (TPA) probe hole
  • Four discrete mechanical and visual polarization options
  • Automotive and non-automotive
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Recreational vehicles
    • Industrial vehicles and equipment
    • Construction equipment
    • Marine equipment

Molex MX150 Twist-Lock Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeContact TypeAvailable Quantity
0348408010 datasheet linkCONN BULKHD TWISTLOCK ASSY 16CKT0348408010CONN BULKHD TWISTLOCK ASSY 16CKTPlugBlade Pin186 - Immediate
0348408010 product page link
0348406020 datasheet linkCONN BULKHD TWISTLOCK ASSY 12CKT0348406020CONN BULKHD TWISTLOCK ASSY 12CKTPlugBlade Pin196 - Immediate
0348406020 product page link
0348406010 datasheet linkCONN BULKHD TWISTLOCK ASSY 12CKT0348406010CONN BULKHD TWISTLOCK ASSY 12CKTPlugBlade Pin190 - Immediate
0348406010 product page link
0348404010 datasheet linkCONN BULKHD TWISTLOCK ASSY 8CKT0348404010CONN BULKHD TWISTLOCK ASSY 8CKTPlugBlade Pin211 - Immediate
0348404010 product page link
0348403020 datasheet linkCONN BULKHD TWISTLOCK ASSY 6CKT0348403020CONN BULKHD TWISTLOCK ASSY 6CKTPlugBlade Pin285 - Immediate
0348403020 product page link
0348408020 datasheet linkCONN BULKHD TWISTLOCK ASSY 16CKT0348408020CONN BULKHD TWISTLOCK ASSY 16CKTPlugBlade Pin176 - Immediate
0348408020 product page link
0348403010 datasheet linkCONN BULKHD TWISTLOCK ASSY 6CKT0348403010CONN BULKHD TWISTLOCK ASSY 6CKTPlugBlade Pin277 - Immediate
0348403010 product page link
0348404020 datasheet linkCONN BULKHD TWISTLOCK ASSY 8CKT0348404020CONN BULKHD TWISTLOCK ASSY 8CKTPlugBlade Pin00348404020 product page link
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Published: 2014-03-14