Mini-Fit H2O™ Sealed Interconnect System

Molex's IP67-rated system meets need for weatherproof, compact connections

Mini-Fit H2O™ Sealed Interconnect SystemMolex's Mini-Fit H2O mid-range power connector is designed for use in weatherproof applications that require a sealed system. The Mini-Fit H2O connector system is IP67-rated, which ensures connector integrity when submersed in up to one meter of water. The Mini-Fit H2O connector has a small overall profile and can handle up to 9.0A per circuit.

The Mini-Fit H2O product family consists of plug and receptacle assemblies and male and female crimp terminals. The plug and receptacle assemblies are provided with the interface and wire seals pre-installed, providing time savings to the customer. The terminals have a new "wingless" design that will not damage seals upon installation or removal. Terminals will accept both 18 and 20 AWG, UL 1015 wires. The Mini-Fit H2O housings are molded from a UV-stabilized, UL 94V-0 material.

Features & Benefits
  • IP67-rated connector ensures a water and dust-tight interconnection for use in outdoor applications
  • Receptacle and plug housings are shipped with interface and wire seals pre-installed to lower applied cost by reducing installer assembly time
  • Positive-locking system ensures the connectors are securely mated and prevents accidental un-mating
  • UV-stabilized, molded materials can be used in applications exposed to direct sunlight
  • Can be used with 18 and 20 AWG wires and accommodate multiple applications
  • Small overall profile for use in tight spaces
  • Vending
    • Drink dispenser valves
    • Soft serve ice cream machines
  • Industrial equipment
    • Pressure monitors
    • Temperature monitors
    • Conveyor belts controls
  • HVAC
    • Heat pumps
    • Air conditioners
  • Recreational vehicles
    • Golf carts
    • Jet skis and snowmobiles
    • Boats
  • Medical
    • Ambulance gurneys
    • Patient monitors
  • Material handling equipment
    • Forklifts
    • Backhoes

Crimp Terminals

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeAvailable Quantity
0460560002 datasheet linkCONN TERM MAL 18-20AWG CRIMP TIN0460560002CONN TERM MAL 18-20AWG CRIMP TIN-7945 - Immediate
0460560002 product page link
460550005 datasheet linkCONN TERM FML 18-20AWG CRIMP TIN460550005CONN TERM FML 18-20AWG CRIMP TIN-2632 - Immediate
460550005 product page link
0460550007 datasheet linkCONN TERM FML 18-20AWG CRIMP TIN0460550007CONN TERM FML 18-20AWG CRIMP TIN-00460550007 product page link
0460560004 datasheet linkCONN TERM MAL 18-20AWG CRIMP TIN0460560004CONN TERM MAL 18-20AWG CRIMP TIN-00460560004 product page link

Receptacle and Plug Assembly

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusConnector TypeAvailable Quantity
0460650032 datasheet linkCONN PLUG SEALED 4.20MM 2POS BLK0460650032CONN PLUG SEALED 4.20MM 2POS BLKActivePlug00460650032 product page link
0460640032 datasheet linkCONN RCPT SEALED 4.20MM 2POS BLK0460640032CONN RCPT SEALED 4.20MM 2POS BLKActiveReceptacle00460640032 product page link
Published: 2010-03-24