Flexi-Mate™ Series Connectors

Connectors with a full range of both board-to-board and wire-to-board solutions from Molex

Flexi-Mate™ Series ConnectorsMolex’s Flexi-Mate connectors are designed for LED TVs and standard room-lighting applications requiring the placement of LEDs on interconnecting panels across the full width of the display or lighting fixture.

Molex’s Flexi-Mate design meets the need for flexibility and space savings and includes coplanar board-to-board connectors used to snap together small panels containing LED lights. The system includes a wire-to-board option to connect the LED boards to the main power board. Also, a terminating connector is available and is used as a shorting device to complete an open-loop signal.

Key features of the 3.00 mm (0.118”) mated height Flexi-Mate family include a dual-contact terminal design for secure electrical contact, space-saving positive side locks for wire-to-board connections, and mating guide features that help facilitate mating and protect terminals during mating and unmating.

  • Board-to-board, wire-to-board and terminator options
  • Meets needs of LED TVs and lighting equipment that use interconnecting LED panels
  • Positive side latches on crimp housing
  • Space savings and easy mating/unmating
  • Dual-contact wire-to-board and board-to-board terminal design
  • Ensures reliable electrical connection
  • Mating guide features on PCB versions
  • Help facilitate mating and provide smooth insertion
  • Shrouded contacts
  • Protect contact area
  • Edge-lit LED BLU TVs
  • LCD panels
  • LED 3D TVs
  • LED TVs
  • Track lighting

Flexi Mate Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionStyleConnector TypeAvailable Quantity
5034710200 datasheet linkCONN SSL RCPT 2POS 3.7MM SOLDER5034710200CONN SSL RCPT 2POS 3.7MM SOLDERBoard to Board or CableReceptacle11942 - Immediate
5034710200 product page link
5034690200 datasheet linkCONN SSL PLUG 2POS 3.7MM SOLDER5034690200CONN SSL PLUG 2POS 3.7MM SOLDERBoard to BoardPlug2599 - Immediate
5034690200 product page link
5034850000 datasheet linkCONN SSL PLG CONT 26-28AWG CRIMP5034850000CONN SSL PLG CONT 26-28AWG CRIMPBoard to Cable/WireContact, Plug34925 - Immediate
5034850000 product page link
5034730200 datasheet linkCONN SSL PLUG HSG 2POS 3.7MM5034730200CONN SSL PLUG HSG 2POS 3.7MMBoard to Cable/WirePlug Housing for Plug Contact13928 - Immediate
5034730200 product page link
Published: 2011-05-06