DDR4 DIMM Sockets

Molex's high-speed DDR4 DIMM sockets offer greater PCB real-estate and cost savings with excellent assembly-processing compatibility

Image of Molex's DDR4 DIMM SocketsProviding computers with significantly improved power management, increased speed and performance, Molex’s through-hole, vertical DDR4 DIMM sockets meet JEDEC Specifications for low power-consumption requirements of 1.2 V (operating voltage) and 3.2 billion transfers per second (3.2 BT/s) data speed. The series 78726 sockets support high-speed operations for a wide range of data, computing, telecommunication and networking server applications. Molex’s DDR4 DIMM sockets provide great design flexibility by supporting up to three unique module variations across all DIMM form-factors including *UDIMMs, RDIMMs, and LRDIMMs.

Molex’s DDR4 DIMM sockets feature high dimensional stability and excellent compatibility in lead and halogen-free technologies. The use of less moisture-sensitive, high-temperature housing material minimizes the incidence of blistering on the connector housing, and enables the sockets to withstand high IR or reflow processing temperatures. Reduced yield losses during assembly processes increase customer cost savings.

Molex’s sockets conform to the single-latch-height, 2.40 mm seating-plane and one standard contact material for both standard and low-level contact resistance (LLCR) requirements specified by JEDEC. This uniformity eliminates connector variability and compatibility issues prevalent with DDR3.

  • Reduced connector footprint of 6.5 mm (max.) (W) by 162 mm (L)
  • Robust and more ergonomic latch design
  • Profiled contact terminals
  • Use of less moisture-sensitive, high-temperature housing material
  • High connector durability
  • Step-and-ramp feature (on connector housing and memory module)
  • High-end computing
  • Personal computers
  • Infrastructure
  • Networking

DDR4 DIMM Sockets

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of PositionsAvailable Quantity
0787261002 datasheet linkCONN SKT DIMM 288POS PCB0787261002CONN SKT DIMM 288POS PCB2881675 - Immediate
0787261002 product page link
1510800101 datasheet linkCONN SKT DIMM 288POS PCB1510800101CONN SKT DIMM 288POS PCB28888 - Immediate
1510800101 product page link
Published: 2014-01-30