Brad® Micro-Change® (M12) Connectors

Molex's Micro-Change industry-standard connectors are rugged, compact, sealed connectors for sensor/actuator connectivity in industrial control applications

Image of Molex's Brad® Micro-Change® (M12) ConnectorsMicro-Change® (M12) connectors are designed to withstand harsh industrial and weather environments with superior quality that assures very reliable connections for control elements in automated equipment. These high-quality connectors allow fast and simple replacement of sensors, encoders, switches, and other input and output devices in industrial machinery.

Available in 2- through 5-, 8-, and 12-pole IEC compliant configurations, single- and dual-keyway designs, with straight and 90° plugs, the Micro-Change comprehensive offering provides a complete connectivity solution.

With the introduction of Harsh Duty receptacles, Molex expands the applicability of M12 connectors to more demanding environments, Brad Micro-Change M12 Harsh-Duty Receptacles offer a sealed connection with superior EMI/RFI shielding in high-vibration systems, which makes them ideal for petrochemical-, and commercial-vehicle Class 2 applications.

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Brad Micro-Change 120065

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusConnector TypeLengthAvailable Quantity
1200650471 datasheet linkCORD 5POS FEMALE M12 2M 22AWG1200650471CORD 5POS FEMALE M12 2M 22AWGActiveCircular 05 pos Female to Wire Leads6.56' (2.00m)4 - Immediate
1200650471 product page link
1200650523 datasheet linkCORD 5POS MALE M12 2M 22AWG1200650523CORD 5POS MALE M12 2M 22AWGActiveCircular 05 pos Male to Wire Leads6.56' (2.00m)01200650523 product page link

Circular Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusConnector TypeAvailable Quantity
1200710035 datasheet linkCONN 4P F-ATTCH STR PG7 SCREW1200710035CONN 4P F-ATTCH STR PG7 SCREWActivePlug, Female Sockets23 - Immediate
1200710035 product page link
1200710045 datasheet linkCONN 5P M/M-ATTCH STR PG7 SCREW1200710045CONN 5P M/M-ATTCH STR PG7 SCREWActivePlug, Male Pins30 - Immediate
1200710045 product page link
1302990300 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 5POS PNL MT A CODE SKT1302990300CONN RCPT 5POS PNL MT A CODE SKTActiveReceptacle, Female Sockets6 - Immediate
1302990300 product page link
1302990400 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 5POS PNL MT A CODE SKT1302990400CONN RCPT 5POS PNL MT A CODE SKTActiveReceptacle, Female Sockets17 - Immediate
1302990400 product page link
1302990200 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 4POS PNL MT D CODE SKT1302990200CONN RCPT 4POS PNL MT D CODE SKTActiveReceptacle, Female Sockets01302990200 product page link

Circular Connectors - Accessories

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusAccessory TypeFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable Quantity
1200710041 datasheet linkCONN 5P F-ATTCH STR PG7 SCREW1200710041CONN 5P F-ATTCH STR PG7 SCREWActiveTerminatorCircular Connectors13 - Immediate
1200710041 product page link
1200710043 datasheet linkCONN TERMINATOR FEMALE 5 POLE1200710043CONN TERMINATOR FEMALE 5 POLEActiveTerminatorCircular Connectors13 - Immediate
1200710043 product page link
0848549317 datasheet linkCONN TERMINATOR FEMALE 5 POLE0848549317CONN TERMINATOR FEMALE 5 POLEActiveTerminatorCircular Connectors9 - Immediate
0848549317 product page link
0848549318 datasheet linkCONN TERMINATOR MALE 5 POLE0848549318CONN TERMINATOR MALE 5 POLEActiveTerminatorCircular Connectors7 - Immediate
0848549318 product page link
1300580033 datasheet linkCAP CLOSURE ETHERNET INTER THRED1300580033CAP CLOSURE ETHERNET INTER THREDActiveCap (Cover)Micro-Change® (M12) Ethernet Connectors11 - Immediate
1300580033 product page link
Published: 2013-10-01