Beau™ Barrier Strips

Molex’s Beau barrier strips reduce assembly costs and improve interconnect performance

Image of Molex's Beau™ Barrier StripsMolex’s Beau barrier strips provide a wide variety of screw, terminal, and mounting options, fitting a multitude of applications. Barrier strips accept either bare or terminated wires. A full complement of solder tabs, jumpers, and quick connects is also available. Molex can provide solutions in either board-mounted or feed-through wire-to-wire styles.

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  • Accepts bare or terminated wires, with no special tools required for installation
  • Selection of wire-to-board or feed-through wire-to-wire styles
  • Broad range of screw, terminal, and mounting options
  • Robust and durable
  • Most molded to exact length
  • Consumer
    • Security systems
  • Industrial
    • HVAC controls
    • Panel builders
    • Traffic controls
  • Industrial Automation
    • Automation equipment
    • Voltage transducers

Beau Barrier Strips

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
0387700104 datasheet linkCONN BARRIER STRIP 4CIRC 0.375"0387700104CONN BARRIER STRIP 4CIRC 0.375"1958 - Immediate
0387700104 product page link
0387700108 datasheet linkCONN BARRIER STRIP 8CIRC 0.375"0387700108CONN BARRIER STRIP 8CIRC 0.375"4378 - Immediate
0387700108 product page link

Beau Barrier Strips Accessories

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
0380021290 datasheet linkCONN JUMPER TERM EDGEON 8POS0380021290CONN JUMPER TERM EDGEON 8POS4090 - Immediate
0380021290 product page link
0380020333 datasheet linkJUMPER OVER-BARRIER EDGEON SLOT0380020333JUMPER OVER-BARRIER EDGEON SLOT2272 - Immediate
0380020333 product page link
0380020331 datasheet linkJTERM HOLE NI -18310380020331JTERM HOLE NI -18317191 - Immediate
0380020331 product page link
0380020188 datasheet linkJUMPER OVER-BARRIER EDGEON SLOT0380020188JUMPER OVER-BARRIER EDGEON SLOT11966 - Immediate
0380020188 product page link
0380021228 datasheet linkJUMPER OVER BARRIER EDGEON SLOT0380021228JUMPER OVER BARRIER EDGEON SLOT8068 - Immediate
0380021228 product page link
0380021226 datasheet linkJUMPER OVER-BARRIER HOLE NICKEL0380021226JUMPER OVER-BARRIER HOLE NICKEL6151 - Immediate
0380021226 product page link
0380020185 datasheet linkTERM JUMPER HOLE TYPE0380020185TERM JUMPER HOLE TYPE13954 - Immediate
0380020185 product page link
0380020442 datasheet linkJUMPER OVER-BARRIER EDGEON SLOT0380020442JUMPER OVER-BARRIER EDGEON SLOT2938 - Immediate
0380020442 product page link
0387236502 datasheet linkTERM JUMPER ON EDGE SQUARE 2POS0387236502TERM JUMPER ON EDGE SQUARE 2POS1295 - Immediate
0387236502 product page link
0380021288 datasheet linkCONN TERM JUMPER 5POS .375 CNTR0380021288CONN TERM JUMPER 5POS .375 CNTR1466 - Immediate
0380021288 product page link
0380021286 datasheet linkJUMPER EDGEON SQ 4POS .375 CNTR0380021286JUMPER EDGEON SQ 4POS .375 CNTR3236 - Immediate
0380021286 product page link
0380021291 datasheet linkJUMPER EDGEON SQ 9POS .375 CNTR0380021291JUMPER EDGEON SQ 9POS .375 CNTR1004 - Immediate
0380021291 product page link
0380021459 product page link
0380020358 datasheet linkTERM HOLE NI0380020358TERM HOLE NI5632 - Immediate
0380020358 product page link
0380021461 datasheet linkJUMPER OVER-BARRIER EDGEON SLOT0380021461JUMPER OVER-BARRIER EDGEON SLOT3160 - Immediate
0380021461 product page link
0380021478 datasheet linkCONN TERM JUMPER EDGE ON0380021478CONN TERM JUMPER EDGE ON2513 - Immediate
0380021478 product page link
JUMPER 8MM 3 CIRCUIT0380021731JUMPER 8MM 3 CIRCUIT135 - Immediate
0380021731 product page link
0380021350 datasheet linkJUMPER OVER-BARRIER HOLE NICKEL0380021350JUMPER OVER-BARRIER HOLE NICKEL3808 - Immediate
0380021350 product page link
0380020512 product page link
0380021284 datasheet linkTERM JUMBER ON EDGE SQUARE 3POS0380021284TERM JUMBER ON EDGE SQUARE 3POS893 - Immediate
0380021284 product page link
JUMPER 8MM 2 CIRCUIT0380021730JUMPER 8MM 2 CIRCUIT137 - Immediate
0380021730 product page link
JUMPER 10MM 2 CIRCUIT0380021732JUMPER 10MM 2 CIRCUIT201 - Immediate
0380021732 product page link
0380021352 datasheet linkJUMPER OVER-BARRIER EDGEON SLOT0380021352JUMPER OVER-BARRIER EDGEON SLOT43 - Immediate
0380021352 product page link
Published: 2014-05-02