USB Cable Assemblies, Connectors, and Kits

Molex offers a variety of USB cable assemblies, connectors, and kits

Molex's USB Cable Assemblies, Connectors, and KitsThe Universal Serial Bus was developed to integrate a variety of existing PC I/O ports into a single interface with hot-plugging, automatic configuration capabilities, and increased bandwidth to enhance serial I/O throughput for a wide range of peripherals including printers, scanners, digital cameras, and other human interface devices. Up to 127 different peripherals can be connected to this common interface standard.

The standard 'A' Series of receptacles are available in right angle, single and stacked, dual-port through-hole versions. Molex offers an SMT right angle single-port version as well. The upright single port versions include the upright; upright flange-out kinked boardlock/forklock; upright with reinforced cover; and upright without-back-cover versions for various applications. Series 'A' connectors plug directly into the downstream port receptacles on the USB host or hub.

The standard Series 'B' connectors, roughly square with beveled corners, plug into upstream receptacles on a USB device or hub. The range includes both vertical and right angle version receptacles. The vertical versions include the dual kinked boardlock, as well as the dual-pair boardlock straight tab versions designed for specific requirements. Short body versions are available where PCB real estate poses constraint.

The basic characteristics of all 'A' and 'B' receptacles include a metal shell to provide for excellent EMI/RFI protection and PCB hold-downs, while some have specially designed features such as mounting flanges for front-panel grounding, cantilever grounding fingers for plug locking and retention, and solder-tail stabilizers. All connectors, however, meet specifications of an electrical rating of 1.0 Amp per contact and are designed to endure at least 1,500 mating cycles.

  • GPS
  • MP3 and music players
  • Mobile phones
  • PC monitors
  • Copiers
  • DVD players/recorders
  • Desktops
  • Digital cameras
  • Digital media players
  • Flat panel displays
  • Joysticks
  • Keyboards
  • LCD and TV panels
  • Lap-tops
  • Notebook PCs

Cable Assemblies

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
0887328602 datasheet link0887328602CABLE USB 2.0 A-MINI B 1M BLACK13781 - Immediate
0887328602 product page link
0887328900 datasheet link0887328900CABLE USB 2.0 A-MINI B 2M2075 - Immediate
0887328900 product page link
0687840001 datasheet link0687840001CABLE MICRO USB B TO STD A 1.0M159 - Immediate
0687840001 product page link
0687840003 datasheet link0687840003CABLE MICRO USB B TO STD A 2.0M811 - Immediate
0687840003 product page link
88732-8600 datasheet link88732-8600CABLE USB 2.0 A-MINI B 1M WHITE6960 - Immediate
88732-8600 product page link
0887328902 datasheet link0887328902CABLE USB 2.0 A-MINI B 2M BLACK00887328902 product page link
68784-0002 datasheet link68784-0002CABLE MICRO USB B TO STD A 1.5M4 - Immediate
68784-0002 product page link
88753-8500 datasheet link88753-8500CABLE USB 2.0 MINI A-MINI B 1.8M2 - Immediate
88753-8500 product page link


Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
0548190572 datasheet link0548190572CONN RECEPT MINIUSB R/A 5POS SMD24595 - Immediate
0548190572 product page link
0480370001 datasheet link0480370001CONN PLUG USB 4POS RT ANG PCB21128 - Immediate
0480370001 product page link
0480371000 datasheet link0480371000CONN PLUG USB 4POS RT ANG SMD16759 - Immediate
0480371000 product page link
0548190519 datasheet link0548190519CONN USB RECEPTACLE 5POS RT ANG1404 - Immediate
0548190519 product page link
0565790576 datasheet link0565790576CONN RECEPT USB 5POS RT ANG SMD5735 - Immediate
0565790576 product page link
0565790519 datasheet link0565790519CONN RECEPT USB 5POS RT ANG PCB2692 - Immediate
0565790519 product page link
49616-0715 datasheet link49616-0715HDR USCAR MINI USB B R/A GRAY83 - Immediate
49616-0715 product page link
49616-0711 datasheet link49616-0711HDR USCAR MINI USB A R/A BLACK325 - Immediate
49616-0711 product page link


Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
76650-0143 datasheet link76650-0143KIT MULTI HDMI DVI USB6 - Immediate
76650-0143 product page link
76650-0149 datasheet link76650-0149KIT USB TYPE A AND B INTERFACE2 - Immediate
76650-0149 product page link
Published: 2012-08-29