Super-Safeway Products

Heavy-duty industrial wiring devices from Molex

Super-Safeway ProductsMolex's Woodhead® rubberized Safeway® and Super-Safeway tough nylon wiring devices are designed for use in rugged industrial environments.

Woodhead Super-Safeway products are heavy-duty industrial-wiring devices designed for abusive conditions and dependable performance for applications that demand the unmatched durability that rubber exclusively delivers. These rubberized industrial devices are the only wiring devices made of NEōTEX® Paracril OZO rubber, a rubber construction that yields ultimate performance within a wide temperature range around many oils, chemicals, and abrasive conditions.

Woodhead Safeway devices are designed for use in rugged industrial environments. These safe, easy-to-wire and assemble products are ideal for tough, industrial-duty applications. Self-aligning blades provide positive mechanical and electrical contacts, making engagement easier, particularly for higher-current and high-pole-count devices.

Features Applications
  • Self-aligning blades lower operating temperatures yielding longer life
  • Wiring screw terminals backed out provides easier and quicker wiring
  • Stainless-steel assembly screws provide a stronger, more long-lasting product
  • Aircraft construction/airports
  • Construction site
  • Facility maintenance
  • Petrochemical
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing

Super-Safeway Products

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
1301410015 datasheet link1301410015PWR ENT PLUG NEMA5-15 STR SCREW43 - Immediate
1301410015 product page link
1301260199 datasheet link1301260199TESTER 2-PUSHBUTTON SGL-SPEED4 - Immediate
1301260199 product page link
1301410031 datasheet link1301410031PWR ENT PLUG NEMA5-15 STR SCREW7 - Immediate
1301410031 product page link
1301540056 datasheet link1301540056CORD Y-SPLICE 1-2447 & 2-25472 - Immediate
1301540056 product page link
1301410062 datasheet link1301410062PWR ENT PLUG NEMAL5-20 STR SCRW3 - Immediate
1301410062 product page link
1301410063 datasheet link1301410063PWR ENT PLUG NEMAL6-20 STR SCRW3 - Immediate
1301410063 product page link
1301410070 datasheet link1301410070PWR ENT PLUG NEMA5-15 STR SCREW2 - Immediate
1301410070 product page link
1301420037 datasheet link1301420037PWR ENT PLUG NEMAL15-30 STR SCRW5 - Immediate
1301420037 product page link
1301270003 datasheet link1301270003TOOL TESTER GFI & CIRCUIT ASSY1 - Immediate
1301270003 product page link
1301410068 datasheet link1301410068PWR ENT PLUG NEMAL6-30 STR SCRW3 - Immediate
1301410068 product page link
1301270007 datasheet link1301270007TOOL RECEPTACLE TENSION TESTER1 - Immediate
1301270007 product page link
1301370089 datasheet link1301370089OUTLET BOX 2-DUPLEX 5-20 PORTBLE01301370089 product page link
Published: 2012-09-06