Hand-Held and Bench-Top Pull-Force Testers

Devices from Molex to measure accurate pull strengths on a wide range of crimped terminals and wires

Hand-Held and Bench-Top Pull-Force TestersMolex’s Hand-Held Wire Crimp Pull-Force Tester and Bench-Top Auto Grip Pull Tester are ideal for contract manufacturers and harness houses. These products measure accurate pull strengths on a wide range of crimped terminals and wires for use globally.

The PT-1500 Auto Grip Pull Tester is a manual, lever-operated digital pull tester for checking pull strength of crimped terminals. The tester is designed to automatically grip the wire as the hand lever is pulled down. The unit is complete with display module, two multi-terminal grips, pull tester frame, and an AC adapter/charger for the display module. It has a 3-point, NIST certification.

This hand held pull tester makes pulltype force measurements on terminated wire samples. This lightweight self-contained tester extends pull force testing capability to the shop floor. This hand held pull tester is capable of pull force testing wire crimps up to 200 lbs. / 90.7 kg / 889.6 N (size 10 AWG or 5.00 mm in most cases). It is a complete system, contained in a protective carrying case with contoured pockets for the meter case, the handheld test fixture, battery charger and plug adapters.

Bench Top Features Hand Held Features
  • Single-stroke, ergonomic pull-down motion
  • Automatically grips sample wire as lever is pulled
  • Grips wire diameters up to 0.23" (8-30 AWG)
  • Lbf, kgf, and Newton units are push-button selectable
  • Digimatic and analog outputs
  • Display module easily removed for recalibration or repair
  • NIST calibration certificate included
  • Built-in NIMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery with charger included
  • 14 hours of use on a single charge
  • Portable, lightweight and ergonomic
  • Patented low stress tensioning mechanism
  • Protective carrying/storage case
  • Operator can verify calibration at anytime

Hand-Held and Bench-Top Pull-Force Testers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
0638019100 datasheet linkCRIMP PULL TESTER DIGTL 8-30AWG0638019100CRIMP PULL TESTER DIGTL 8-30AWG1 - Immediate
0638019100 product page link
0638019700 datasheet linkHAND HELD SEMI AUTO CRIMP PULLER0638019700HAND HELD SEMI AUTO CRIMP PULLER00638019700 product page link
Published: 2012-08-30