Aero-Motive® Balancers and Retractors

The Aero-Motive balancers and retractors from Molex are ergonomic and cost-effective with superior suspension features that are streamlined to fit virtually any industrial work space

Aero-Motive® PositionersMolex's ergonomic and cost-effective Aero-Motive balancers and retractors with superior-suspension features are streamlined to fit virtually any industrial work space, improve productivity by keeping tools organized, and safeguard expensive power tools from possible accidents.

Aero-Motive balancers enhance productivity within three segmented industrial duties, offering weight ranges that cover most industrial equipment capacity requirements from 0.50 to 168.00 kg (1.00 to 370.00 lbs). Within each industrial segment, balancers were designed with safety as a priority while ensuring long-term performance and best-in-class ergonomics. Field-proven designs offer vertical tension adjustment, trouble-free cable replacements (while units are still in service), and simple maintenance. Additionally, remote-, manual- and automatic-safety locks are available to prevent the balancers from losing tension.

Light industrial-duty balancers are designed with ABS high-impact plastic housings for extra durability.

Standard industrial-duty balancers are designed with thin high-pressure aluminum housings for added durability and impact resistance.

Heavy industrial-duty balancers are designed with thick gravity die-casting aluminum housings for the most rugged, abusive environments such as the automotive, steel, and tire industries. The high-performance WearGuard™ coating protects both cable and cable drum from premature failures while eliminating the need of constantly greasing the cables while in service.

Features Applications
  • Holds an object or tool in desired position
  • Easy tension adjustment
  • Minimizes operator fatigue
  • Automotive plants
  • Manufacturing/assembly plants
  • Workstations
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Balancers and Retractors - Light Duty

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeCable LengthAvailable Quantity
1301730036 datasheet linkRETRACTOR BALANCER 0.0-2LB 6.6'1301730036RETRACTOR BALANCER 0.0-2LB 6.6'Retractor5.24' (1.60m)34 - Immediate
1301730036 product page link
1301690002 datasheet linkTOOL POSITIONER1301690002TOOL POSITIONERTool Positioner4.59' (1.40m)7 - Immediate
1301690002 product page link
1301730055 datasheet linkRETRACTOR BALANCER 4-6LB 6.6'1301730055RETRACTOR BALANCER 4-6LB 6.6'Retractor6.56' (2.0m)6 - Immediate
1301730055 product page link
1301730069 datasheet linkRETRACT W/RATCHET LOC 4-6LB 6.6'1301730069RETRACT W/RATCHET LOC 4-6LB 6.6'Retractor6.56' (2.0m)20 - Immediate
1301730069 product page link
1301700015 datasheet linkBALANCER ASSY 9-13LB 6.6'1301700015BALANCER ASSY 9-13LB 6.6'Balancer6.56' (2.0m)3 - Immediate
1301700015 product page link
1301700023 datasheet linkBALANCER ASSY 6-9LB 6.6'1301700023BALANCER ASSY 6-9LB 6.6'Balancer6.56' (2.0m)2 - Immediate
1301700023 product page link
1301750001 datasheet linkRETRACTOR 4-10LBS/1.8-4.5KG 8'1301750001RETRACTOR 4-10LBS/1.8-4.5KG 8'Retractor7.87' (2.40m)2 - Immediate
1301750001 product page link
1301180020 datasheet linkTRACK BOX FESTOON INTERMED CAR1301180020TRACK BOX FESTOON INTERMED CARIntermediate Car-2 - Immediate
1301180020 product page link
1301730048 datasheet linkRETRACTOR BALANCER 2-4LBS 6.6'1301730048RETRACTOR BALANCER 2-4LBS 6.6'Retractor5.24' (1.60m)5 - Immediate
1301730048 product page link
1301730074 datasheet linkRETRACT W/RATCHET LOC 6-8LB 6.6'1301730074RETRACT W/RATCHET LOC 6-8LB 6.6'Retractor6.56' (2.0m)1 - Immediate
1301730074 product page link
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Published: 2012-09-06