Surface Mount Strip Sockets and Pin Headers

Mill-Max and Digi-Key offer socket receptacles and the header pins with round stub-tail termination

Surface Mount Strip Sockets and Pin HeadersManufactured from precision-machined brass pins and receptacles and assembled in high temperature thermoplastic, Mill-Max SMT socket and pin header interconnects provide a convenient pluggable and reliable path between circuit boards.

Both the socket receptacle and the header pin feature a round stub-tail termination, providing the benefit of a reduced solder footprint inside the package outline. The .008 in floating pin design compensates for the peaks and valleys found in uneven solder paste application on the board surface, promoting good solder joints.

Pin-to-pin coplanarity can be held to .005 in for pin counts up to 20 positions (2 x 10). The sockets and headers are available in single row, 2-64 positions, or double row, 4-72 positions (2 x 2 - 2 x 36). The pin headers are precision-machined using a brass alloy known for its strength, conductive and thermal properties. The sockets are assembled with beryllium copper contact clips, which make a gas-tight connection to the mated header pins.

Strip Sockets and Pin Headers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
414-43-272-41-117000 datasheet linkCONN SOCKET DBL 72POS VERT SMD414-43-272-41-117000CONN SOCKET DBL 72POS VERT SMD56 - Immediate
414-43-272-41-117000 product page link
429-10-272-00-560000 datasheet linkCONN HEADER DBL 72POS VERT SMD429-10-272-00-560000CONN HEADER DBL 72POS VERT SMD0429-10-272-00-560000 product page link
Published: 2009-11-03