Solder Cup Interconnects

Mill-Max's solder cup interconnects now available at Digi-Key

Solder Cup InterconnectsMill-Max offers a quick and efficient method to terminate discrete wires into a pluggable interconnect with solder cup headers and mating socket connectors. They provide a convenient, pluggable, and reliable path between wired applications.

These sockets are manufactured using precision-machined brass alloy and beryllium copper contact clips and are assembled in high temperature thermoplastic. Also, they offer a gas-tight connection when mated with Mill-Max solder cup header pins. Mill-Max's solder cup interconnects for convenience, the solder cups are pre-aligned in the connectors to enable easy soldering to wires. These are available in single and double rows up to 64 pins.


  • Series 380 and 480 use MM #8000 pins
  • Insulators are high temperature thermoplastic
  • Solder cups are pre-aligned
  • Series 329 and 429 use MM #2954 pin receptacles and accent pin diameters from .015" to .025"
  • Series 329 and 429 receptacles use Hi-Rel, 4-finger BeCu #30 contacts rated at 3 A

Solder Cup Interconnects

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
329-43-164-41-540000 datasheet linkCONN SOCKET SNGL SOLDERCUP 64POS329-43-164-41-540000CONN SOCKET SNGL SOLDERCUP 64POS36 - Immediate
329-43-164-41-540000 product page link
429-43-264-41-540000 datasheet linkCONN SOCKET DUAL SOLDERCUP 64POS429-43-264-41-540000CONN SOCKET DUAL SOLDERCUP 64POS19 - Immediate
429-43-264-41-540000 product page link
429-10-272-00-560000 datasheet linkCONN HEADER DBL 72POS VERT SMD429-10-272-00-560000CONN HEADER DBL 72POS VERT SMD0429-10-272-00-560000 product page link
Published: 2009-07-20