Dual-In-Line Sockets Right Angle Mount

Mill-Max sockets available in a variety of sizes

Dual-In-Line Sockets Right Angle MountMill-Max offers DIP closed frame, right angle sockets for mounting components perpendicular to the PCB on projects such as LED displays. These sockets allow for interfacing with the front panel of units for optimum legibility. Horizontal mount solder tails are available with either .300" (standard) or .100" row spacing.

Series 299 10-001000, 299 11-00100, and 299 10-002 use pin heights from .165" to 1.141". The standard 4-finger BeCu #30 contact is rated at 3 A. Insulators are high temperature thermoplastic.

The 299-99-210-12-001800 is a vertical display socket used to mount 7-segment and LED displays at the edge of and perpendicular to a PCB.It is through-hole mount and can be wave or intrusive reflow soldered.

Dual In Line Sockets

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
299-93-312-10-001000 datasheet linkCONN IC DIP SOCKET 12POS GOLD299-93-312-10-001000CONN IC DIP SOCKET 12POS GOLD497 - Immediate
299-93-312-10-001000 product page link
299-93-314-10-001000 datasheet linkCONN IC DIP SOCKET 14POS GOLD299-93-314-10-001000CONN IC DIP SOCKET 14POS GOLD810 - Immediate
299-93-314-10-001000 product page link
299-93-320-10-001000 datasheet linkCONN IC DIP SOCKET 20POS GOLD299-93-320-10-001000CONN IC DIP SOCKET 20POS GOLD390 - Immediate
299-93-320-10-001000 product page link
299-93-310-10-001000 datasheet linkCONN IC DIP SOCKET 10POS GOLD299-93-310-10-001000CONN IC DIP SOCKET 10POS GOLD427 - Immediate
299-93-310-10-001000 product page link
299-93-610-10-002000 datasheet linkCONN IC DIP SOCKET 10POS GOLD299-93-610-10-002000CONN IC DIP SOCKET 10POS GOLD279 - Immediate
299-93-610-10-002000 product page link
299-93-306-10-001000 datasheet linkCONN IC DIP SOCKET 6POS GOLD299-93-306-10-001000CONN IC DIP SOCKET 6POS GOLD622 - Immediate
299-93-306-10-001000 product page link
299-93-308-10-001000 datasheet linkCONN IC DIP SOCKET 8POS GOLD299-93-308-10-001000CONN IC DIP SOCKET 8POS GOLD94 - Immediate
299-93-308-10-001000 product page link
299-93-316-10-001000 datasheet linkCONN IC DIP SOCKET 16POS GOLD299-93-316-10-001000CONN IC DIP SOCKET 16POS GOLD66 - Immediate
299-93-316-10-001000 product page link
299-93-324-10-001000 datasheet linkCONN IC DIP SOCKET 24POS GOLD299-93-324-10-001000CONN IC DIP SOCKET 24POS GOLD29 - Immediate
299-93-324-10-001000 product page link
299-93-608-10-002000 datasheet linkCONN IC DIP SOCKET 8POS GOLD299-93-608-10-002000CONN IC DIP SOCKET 8POS GOLD0299-93-608-10-002000 product page link
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Published: 2010-03-25