854/855/856/857 Series Spring-Loaded Connectors

Single and double row .050" pitch SMT and through-hole spring-loaded connectors from Mill-Max

854/855/856/857 Series Spring-Loaded ConnectorsMill-Max has developed high density .050" pitch through-hole and surface mount spring-loaded connectors (SLC) available in single and double-row strip packaging.

Each precision-machined spring pin component is plated 20µ" hard gold and assembled in a high temperature thermoplastic insulator suitable for wave and reflow soldering processes. Every Mill-Max SLC is RoHS compliant.

Series 854 and 855 through-hole insulators feature molded standoffs to improve soldering and cleaning beneath the connector. Tail diameters of .016" require minimal diameter plated holes for connector mounting, maximizing signal routing between pins. Series 854 and 855 surface mount spring connectors are low profile, standing less than .230" tall when engaged mid-stroke (.0275"). Each SMT spring pin features a base geometry of .030" round by .010" tall to maximize soldering surface area and promote solder joint fillet.

Mill-Max also offers through-hole (Series 856 and 857) and surface mount (Series 856 and 857) .050" pitch target connectors. These provide gold-plated, flat, and conductive mating surfaces for the 854/855 series. Series 856/857 are precision-machined and assembled into thermoplastic insulators. They are RoHS compliant and suitable for reflow soldering.

Mill-Max SLCs are often used as the internal battery connection in portable instruments or as the external battery connection for charging these instruments (docking stations). Another popular application is stacking printed circuit boards in an assembly. Spring pin connectors are excellent for mezzanine-tiered board modules that require blind mate assembly.

  • Series 856 and 857 single and double row strips may be cut to any length
  • Target connectors use MM #1933 and #1935 pins
  • Insulators are high temperature thermoplastic
  • Modular contacts for use on .050” grid, supplied in single and double row contact strips
  • Precision-machined piston/base and gold-plated components assure a minimum 1,000,000 cycle life
  • Pistons have a .0275" mid-stroke and .055" max-stroke
  • Low resistance, high current contacts are rated at 2 A continuous, 3 A peak
  • High temperature thermoplastic insulators are suitable for surface mount processes
  • 854 and 855 series contact strips are designed for manual placement into Ø .023 ± .003"plated through-holes in the circuit board

Spring Loaded Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
854-22-020-10-001101 datasheet linkHEADER SINGLE 20POS .050" T/H854-22-020-10-001101HEADER SINGLE 20POS .050" T/H261 - Immediate
854-22-020-10-001101 product page link
855-22-040-30-001101 datasheet linkHEADER DOUBLE 40POS .050" SMD855-22-040-30-001101HEADER DOUBLE 40POS .050" SMD181 - Immediate
855-22-040-30-001101 product page link
857-10-040-10-051000 datasheet linkHEADER DOUBLE 40POS .050" T/H857-10-040-10-051000HEADER DOUBLE 40POS .050" T/H237 - Immediate
857-10-040-10-051000 product page link
855-22-040-10-001101 datasheet linkHEADER DOUBLE 40POS .050" T/H855-22-040-10-001101HEADER DOUBLE 40POS .050" T/H71 - Immediate
855-22-040-10-001101 product page link
856-10-020-30-051000 datasheet linkHEADER SINGLE 20POS .050" SMD856-10-020-30-051000HEADER SINGLE 20POS .050" SMD25 - Immediate
856-10-020-30-051000 product page link
856-10-020-10-051000 datasheet linkHEADER SINGLE 20POS .050" T/H856-10-020-10-051000HEADER SINGLE 20POS .050" T/H25 - Immediate
856-10-020-10-051000 product page link
Published: 2010-09-13