SmartFusion™ Development Kit

Microsemi SoC introduces the SmartFusion development kit

Microsemi SoC's SmartFusion™ Development KitMicrosemi SoC's SmartFusion™ development kit offers a full-featured development board so you can try the world's only FPGA with hard ARM® Cortex™-M3 and programmable analog. The device contains on-chip flash and SRAM memory, as well as additional off-chip memory on the board. The board can communicate via Ethernet and HyperTerminal. The board also contains LEDs, switches, OLED, and extensive analog experimentation, including voltage rail monitoring, current POT, temperature diodes and voltage sweeping using active bipolar prescalers (ABPS). Networking interfaces include Ethernet PHY, EtherCAT, CAN, UART, and RS485.

SmartFusion cSoCs - the mixed-signal Power Manager Daughter Card Kit - enable system designers to evaluate the functionality of Microsemi's power management solutions, which offer support for up to 64 channels, mixed analog and digital point of load (POL) control, PMBus support for digital POLs and margining and trimming for analog POLs. The DMPM-DC-KIT is a five-regulator benchtop power management development system that allows designers to understand the features and capabilities of the full MPM solution before designing their own PCB.

Microsemi's SmartFusion Dual Motor Control Kit combines TRINAMIC's TMCM-AC-840 Daughter Board Kit with the SmartFusion evaluation kit to deliver a SmartFusion intelligent mixed signal FPGA motor control prototyping platform for stepper and brushless DC motors (BLDC).

Development Kit

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
A54SX16A-PQG208 datasheet linkIC FPGA 175 I/O 208QFPA54SX16A-PQG208IC FPGA 175 I/O 208QFP0A54SX16A-PQG208 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29