SmartFusion™ cSoCs

Microsemi SoC introduces SmartFusion customizable System-on-Chip (cSoC)

SmartFusion™ cSoCsMicrosemi's SmartFusion customizable system-on-chip (cSoC) is the only device that integrates an FPGA, ARM® Cortex™-M3, and programmable analog. Based on a proprietary flash process, SmartFusion cSoCs are ideal for hardware and embedded designers who need a true system-on-chip (SoC) solution that gives more flexibility than traditional fixed-function microcontrollers, without the excessive cost of traditional FPGAs or the high barriers of entry to an ASIC.

SmartFusion cSoCs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
A2F500M3G-FGG256 datasheet linkIC FPGA 512K FLASH 256FBGAA2F500M3G-FGG256IC FPGA 512K FLASH 256FBGA268 - Immediate
A2F500M3G-FGG256 product page link
A2F500M3G-FGG484 datasheet linkIC FPGA 512K FLASH 484FBGAA2F500M3G-FGG484IC FPGA 512K FLASH 484FBGA435 - Immediate
A2F500M3G-FGG484 product page link
A2F500M3G-1FGG484 datasheet linkIC FPGA 512K FLASH 484FBGAA2F500M3G-1FGG484IC FPGA 512K FLASH 484FBGA60 - Immediate
A2F500M3G-1FGG484 product page link
A2F500M3G-1FGG256 datasheet linkIC FPGA 512K FLASH 256FBGAA2F500M3G-1FGG256IC FPGA 512K FLASH 256FBGA77 - Immediate
A2F500M3G-1FGG256 product page link
A2F200M3F-PQG208 datasheet linkIC FPGA 256K FLASH 208QFPA2F200M3F-PQG208IC FPGA 256K FLASH 208QFP13 - Immediate
A2F200M3F-PQG208 product page link
A2F200M3F-FGG256 datasheet linkIC FPGA 256K FLASH 256FBGAA2F200M3F-FGG256IC FPGA 256K FLASH 256FBGA90 - Immediate
A2F200M3F-FGG256 product page link
A2F200M3F-1PQG208 datasheet linkIC FPGA 256K FLASH 208QFPA2F200M3F-1PQG208IC FPGA 256K FLASH 208QFP60 - Immediate
A2F200M3F-1PQG208 product page link
A2F200M3F-FGG484 datasheet linkIC FPGA 256K FLASH 484FBGAA2F200M3F-FGG484IC FPGA 256K FLASH 484FBGA79 - Immediate
A2F200M3F-FGG484 product page link
A2F200M3F-1FGG484 datasheet linkIC FPGA 256K FLASH 484FBGAA2F200M3F-1FGG484IC FPGA 256K FLASH 484FBGA10 - Immediate
A2F200M3F-1FGG484 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29