PIC24FJ128GC 16-Bit Flash MCUs

PIC24F 16-bit Flash microcontroller with low noise from Microchip

Image of Microchip Technology's PIC24FJ128GC 16-Bit Flash MCUsMicrochip's PIC24F 16-bit Flash microcontroller features low noise, high throughput, and integrated Intelligent Analog, making it ideal for portable and industrial applications. Segmented LCD, USB, and eXtreme Low Power consumption enable small footprint and long battery life.

  • Intelligent Analog features:
    • 16-bit Sigma-Delta ADC (2 different ch)
    • 12-bit 10 MSPS Pipeline ADC (50 ch)
    • 2 x 10-bit 1 MSPS DAC
    • 2 Operational amplifiers
    • 3 Comparators
    • 3 Voltage references
    • Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU)
  • eXtreme Low Power features (Typical):
    • 18 nA Deep Sleep mode
    • 350 nA RTCC in Vbat mode
    • 380 nA Low Voltage Sleep mode (RAM retention)
    • 400 nA Real-Time Clock and Calendar operation in Sleep modes
    • 240 nA Watch Dog Timer operation in Deep Sleep modes
PIC24FJ128GC 16-Bit Flash MCUs
ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCore ProcessorCore SizeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
IC MCU 16BIT 128KB FLASH 64TQFPPIC24FJ128GC006-I/PTIC MCU 16BIT 128KB FLASH 64TQFPTrayPIC16-Bit1219 - Immediate
IC MCU 16BIT 128KB FLASH 100TQFPPIC24FJ128GC010-I/PTIC MCU 16BIT 128KB FLASH 100TQFPTrayPIC16-Bit453 - Immediate
IC MCU 16BIT 128KB FLASH 64QFNPIC24FJ128GC006-I/MRIC MCU 16BIT 128KB FLASH 64QFNTubePIC16-Bit42 - Immediate
Published: 2013-12-17