PIC24F04KA201 16-bit MCU Family

Microchip's PIC24F04KA201 MCU family is ideal for battery-powered applications

PIC24F04KA201 16-bit MCU FamilyMicrochip's PIC24F04KA201 family of 16-bit microcontrollers is the latest to feature nanoWatt XLP™ extreme low-power technology. The PIC24F04KA family makes it even more cost effective to take advantage of the world's lowest sleep-current consumption microcontrollers with typical sleep currents as low as 20 nA. This series' low power and low cost, combined with small-footprint 14- and 20-pin package options, makes the PIC24F04KA201 MCU family ideal for battery-powered applications, energy-harvesting applications, and other power-constrained applications that are also cost and space constrained.

  • In-circuit serial programming™ (ICSP™)
  • Flexible configuration
  • Watchdog timer (WDT)
  • Code protection
  • In-circuit emulation


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
PIC24F04KA201-I/SS datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 20SSOPPIC24F04KA201-I/SSIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 20SSOP86 - Immediate
PIC24F04KA201-I/SS product page link
PIC24F04KA201-I/MQ datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 20QFNPIC24F04KA201-I/MQIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 20QFN401 - Immediate
PIC24F04KA201-I/MQ product page link
PROC EXTENS PAK PIC24F16KA102AC244028PROC EXTENS PAK PIC24F16KA1020AC244028 product page link
Published: 2011-03-07