MCP19114/5 Digital-Analog Control Solutions

Microchip's MCP19114/5 family provides flexible, analog-based solutions for DC/DC power-conversion applications

Image of Microchip Technology's MCP19114/5 Digital-Analog Control SolutionsThe MCP19114 and MCP19115 hybrid digital-analog control solutions offer the speed and responsiveness expected of a high-performance analog control loop, the flexibility expected of a digital MCU, operate across wide-operating voltage ranges, support conventional 5, 12, and 24 V rails, and meet automotive load dump requirements. The MCP19114/19115 analog-based controllers with digital interface offer cost-efficient adjustability in a high-performance power conversion solution.

These devices support operation up to 42 V, and have integrated MOSFET drivers configured for step-up applications. Microchip’s MCP19114 and MCP19115 family of digitally-enhanced power analog controllers are the latest products to use Microchip’s highly-flexible and highly-configurable DC/DC PWM controller technology. Building on the MCP19110 and MCP19111 families, today’s devices continue to expand the capabilities of high-efficiency analog solutions, enabling new levels of flexibility and optimization in a very-small footprint.

  • Wide-operating voltage range: 4.5-42 V
  • Analog peak-current mode pulse-width modulation (PWM) control
  • Integrated 8-bit PIC® microcontroller
  • Significant configurability: adjustable output voltage, switching frequency, MOSFET deadtime, I²C communication interface
  • Integrated, synchronous low-side MOSFET drivers
  • Minimal external components needed
  • Custom algorithm support
  • Topologies supported: boost, SEPIC, flyback, and cuk

PMIC Voltage Regulators

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingOutput TypeFunctionAvailable Quantity
MCP19114-E/MJ datasheet linkIC REG CTRLR MULT TOP I2C 24QFNMCP19114-E/MJIC REG CTRLR MULT TOP I2C 24QFNTubeTransistor DriverStep-Up, Step-Up/Step-Down190 - Immediate
MCP19114-E/MJ product page link
MCP19115-E/MQ datasheet linkIC REG CTRLR MULT TOP I2C 28QFNMCP19115-E/MQIC REG CTRLR MULT TOP I2C 28QFNTubeTransistor DriverStep-Up, Step-Up/Step-Down159 - Immediate
MCP19115-E/MQ product page link
MCP19114-E/MQ datasheet linkIC REG CTRLR MULT TOP I2C 28QFNMCP19114-E/MQIC REG CTRLR MULT TOP I2C 28QFNTubeTransistor DriverStep-Up, Step-Up/Step-Down63 - Immediate
MCP19114-E/MQ product page link

Evaluation Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMain PurposeOutputs and TypePower - OutputAvailable Quantity
ADM00578 datasheet linkBOARD EVAL MCP19114 STANDALONEADM00578BOARD EVAL MCP19114 STANDALONEDC/DC, Step Down1, Isolated-2 - Immediate
ADM00578 product page link

Associated MOSFETs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingFET TypeFET FeatureAvailable Quantity
MCP87090T-U/LC datasheet linkMOSFET N-CH 25V 8PDFNMCP87090T-U/LCMOSFET N-CH 25V 8PDFNCut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard3159 - Immediate
MCP87090T-U/LC product page link
MCP87090T-U/MF datasheet linkMOSFET N-CH 25V 8PDFNMCP87090T-U/MFMOSFET N-CH 25V 8PDFNCut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard3263 - Immediate
MCP87090T-U/MF product page link
MCP87055T-U/LC datasheet linkMOSFET N-CH 25V 8PDFNMCP87055T-U/LCMOSFET N-CH 25V 8PDFNCut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard3024 - Immediate
MCP87055T-U/LC product page link
MCP87022T-U/MF datasheet linkMOSFET N-CH 25V 8PDFNMCP87022T-U/MFMOSFET N-CH 25V 8PDFNCut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard2596 - Immediate
MCP87022T-U/MF product page link
MCP87018T-U/MF datasheet linkMOSFET N-CH 25V 100A 8PDFNMCP87018T-U/MFMOSFET N-CH 25V 100A 8PDFNCut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard2975 - Immediate
MCP87018T-U/MF product page link
MCP87050T-U/MF datasheet linkMOSFET N-CH 25V 8PDFNMCP87050T-U/MFMOSFET N-CH 25V 8PDFNCut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard854 - Immediate
MCP87050T-U/MF product page link
MCP87030T-U/MF datasheet linkMOSFET N-CH 25V 100A 8PDFNMCP87030T-U/MFMOSFET N-CH 25V 100A 8PDFNCut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard0MCP87030T-U/MF product page link
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Published: 2014-06-16