Low-Cost PIC32 MCUs

High-performance PIC32 MCUs in a small package from Microchip

Low-Cost PIC32 MCUsMicrochip Technology presents a series of low pin-count, 32-bit PIC32 microcontrollers that provides 83 DMIPS of performance at only 50 MHz with the right mix of peripherals for cost-sensitive general purpose sensing, USB, and audio designs. With up to 128 KB of Flash and 32 KB of RAM, serial interfaces, USB, 1 Msps ADC, analog comparator, and an 8-bit Parallel Master Port (useful for LCD interface), the PIC32MX1/MX2 is the perfect MCU for a broad range of applications.

Rated for operation up to 105°C, the PIC32MX1/MX2 MCUs include an integrated hardware peripheral for adding mTouch™ capacitive touch buttons or advanced sensors. The integrated ADC provides up to 1 Msps sample rate with 10-bit resolution and up to 13-channels. Serial communication is enabled via multiple I²C, SPI, and UART interfaces. Digital audio is supported via USB audio class support and two I²S CODEC interfaces. Further easing the design effort is Microchip’s Peripheral Pin Select feature, which allows developers to “remap” most of the chip’s digital-function pins, making peripheral utilization, board layout, and design modifications significantly easier. The PIC32MX1/ MX2 series of MCUs range from 28 to 44 pins, with sizes down to 5 mm x 5 mm, and a 0.5 mm pitch.

  • Up to 128 KB of flash
  • I²S for audio playback
  • USB host and device
  • Small package options

Low Cost PIC32 MCUs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
PIC32MX150F128B-I/SS datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 28SSOPPIC32MX150F128B-I/SSIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 28SSOP1787 - Immediate
PIC32MX150F128B-I/SS product page link
PIC32MX150F128B-I/SO datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 28SOICPIC32MX150F128B-I/SOIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 28SOIC710 - Immediate
PIC32MX150F128B-I/SO product page link
PIC32MX150F128C-I/TL datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 36VTLAPIC32MX150F128C-I/TLIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 36VTLA995 - Immediate
PIC32MX150F128C-I/TL product page link
PIC32MX150F128D-I/PT datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 44TQFPPIC32MX150F128D-I/PTIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 44TQFP878 - Immediate
PIC32MX150F128D-I/PT product page link
PIC32MX250F128B-I/SS datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 28SSOPPIC32MX250F128B-I/SSIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 28SSOP1608 - Immediate
PIC32MX250F128B-I/SS product page link
PIC32MX250F128B-I/ML datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 28QFNPIC32MX250F128B-I/MLIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 28QFN502 - Immediate
PIC32MX250F128B-I/ML product page link
PIC32MX250F128D-I/PT datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 44TQFPPIC32MX250F128D-I/PTIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 44TQFP2112 - Immediate
PIC32MX250F128D-I/PT product page link
PIC32MX150F128B-I/ML datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 28QFNPIC32MX150F128B-I/MLIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 28QFN393 - Immediate
PIC32MX150F128B-I/ML product page link
PIC32MX150F128B-I/SP datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 28SDIPPIC32MX150F128B-I/SPIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 28SDIP172 - Immediate
PIC32MX150F128B-I/SP product page link
PIC32MX150F128D-I/TL datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 44VTLAPIC32MX150F128D-I/TLIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 44VTLA1433 - Immediate
PIC32MX150F128D-I/TL product page link
PIC32MX150F128D-I/ML datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 44QFNPIC32MX150F128D-I/MLIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 44QFN598 - Immediate
PIC32MX150F128D-I/ML product page link
PIC32MX250F128B-I/SO datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 28SOICPIC32MX250F128B-I/SOIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 28SOIC243 - Immediate
PIC32MX250F128B-I/SO product page link
PIC32MX250F128B-I/SP datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 28SDIPPIC32MX250F128B-I/SPIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 28SDIP761 - Immediate
PIC32MX250F128B-I/SP product page link
PIC32MX250F128D-I/ML datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 44QFNPIC32MX250F128D-I/MLIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 44QFN175 - Immediate
PIC32MX250F128D-I/ML product page link
MA320011 datasheet linkMODULE PLUG-IN PIC32MX250F128DMA320011MODULE PLUG-IN PIC32MX250F128D4 - Immediate
MA320011 product page link
PIC32MX250F128C-I/TL datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 36VTLAPIC32MX250F128C-I/TLIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 36VTLA0PIC32MX250F128C-I/TL product page link
PIC32MX250F128D-I/TL datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 44VTLAPIC32MX250F128D-I/TLIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 44VTLA9 - Immediate
PIC32MX250F128D-I/TL product page link
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Published: 2013-03-11