LAN9512/14 Ethernet Controller

Microchip's single-chip, hi-speed USB, 2.0 hub and high-performance 10/100 Ethernet controller

LAN9512/14 Ethernet ControllerMicrochip's LAN9512 and LAN9514 are fully-integrated, Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hub and high-performance 10/100 Ethernet controllers. They are specifically designed to provide system architects with a low-cost, power-efficient, small-footprint USB to Ethernet and multi-port USB connectivity solution in a single package. SMSC’s LAN9512/9514 contain a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hub with two (LAN9512) or four (LAN9514) fully-integrated downstream USB 2.0 PHYs, an integrated upstream USB 2.0 PHY, a 10/100 Ethernet MAC/PHY controller, and an EEPROM controller. The LAN9512/9514 simplifies system design by leveraging the existing USB stack, reducing PCB footprint by up to 65% compared to discrete competitive solutions.

Features Applications
  • Fully-integrated 2/4-port Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hub and 10/100 Ethernet controllers
  • NetDetach™ low-power technology allows reduction of system power up to 25% by enabling the host CPU to enter a low-power state when the Ethernet connection is inactive
  • UniClock™ technology simplifies the clocking scheme and reduces system BOM cost by using a single 25 MHz crystal for both USB and Ethernet connectivity - without the need for extra components when adding USB hubs
  • Built-in ± 8 kV/15 kV contact/air discharge ESD protection on both USB and Ethernet PHYs
  • Docking stations
  • Netbooks and Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPCs)
  • Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs)
  • Gaming consoles
  • Portable consumer devices
  • Digital TVs (DTVs)
  • Blue-ray Disc™ players
  • Set-top Boxes (STBs)
  • Network printers
  • Embedded systems

Ethernet Controller

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
LAN9512-JZX datasheet linkIC USB 2.0 ETHER CTRLR 64QFNLAN9512-JZXIC USB 2.0 ETHER CTRLR 64QFN1688 - Immediate
LAN9512-JZX product page link
LAN9514-JZX datasheet linkIC USB 2.0 ETHER CTRLR 64QFNLAN9514-JZXIC USB 2.0 ETHER CTRLR 64QFN1690 - Immediate
LAN9514-JZX product page link
Published: 2013-01-03