AR1000 Touch Screen Controllers

Microchip Technology and Digi-Key introduce universal touch screen controllers

AR1000 Touch Screen ControllersThe mTouch™ AR1000 Series Resistive Touch Screen Controller from Microchip is a complete, easy to integrate, cost effective and universal touch screen controller chip solution. The AR1000 Series is designed for high volume, small form factor touch solutions with quick time to market requirements.

The AR1000 controllers provide universal 4-, 5- and 8-wire support, as well as support for SPI, I²C and UART communication interfaces. They are well suited for resistive-touch designs in the consumer (mobile communication devices, PDAs, GPS, media players, printers), medical (patient-monitoring equipment), industrial (kiosks, touch-screen monitors, portable instruments, point-of-sale terminals), and automotive markets (navigation systems).


  • Turnkey touch solution
  • Built in decoding and advanced filtering
  • Controller driven calibration
  • Low cost with few external components
  • Universal 4, 5 and 8-wire support
  • Fast time to market
  • Small footprint
  • Low power
  • SPI, I²C, UART support
  • Developed by touch experts

AR1000 Touch Screen Controllers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
AR1010-I/SS datasheet linkIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-SSOPAR1010-I/SSIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-SSOP1375 - Immediate
AR1010-I/SS product page link
AR1020-I/SS datasheet linkIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-SSOPAR1020-I/SSIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-SSOP1169 - Immediate
AR1020-I/SS product page link
AR1020-I/SO datasheet linkIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-SOICAR1020-I/SOIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-SOIC247 - Immediate
AR1020-I/SO product page link
AR1020-I/ML datasheet linkIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-QFNAR1020-I/MLIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-QFN660 - Immediate
AR1020-I/ML product page link
AR1010-I/ML datasheet linkIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-QFNAR1010-I/MLIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-QFN455 - Immediate
AR1010-I/ML product page link
DV102011 datasheet linkDEV KIT TOUCH SCREEN 7" 4-WIREDV102011DEV KIT TOUCH SCREEN 7" 4-WIRE2 - Immediate
DV102011 product page link
Published: 2009-09-11